Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Happy Halloween! (a little early)

OK, I know that I was supposed to post about Justin tonight but I just got home and it is 11:30 PM. I was out all day at work and then I met two of my good friends, Minouche and Candy for dinner and once again we closed the restaurant down and then talked in the parking lot until the wee! I want to give the Justin's post the attention it deserves and that cannot be done at midnight.

A funny anecdote that I will share with you this evening is the following: While I was out and Marc was putting the DD to bed he told Katie Starr to give him a kiss goodnight. She said "No Daddy, that's gross!!" He said "what is gross about it?" and she just repeated that it was gross again and laughed.

He was incredulous and when I got home the first thing he did was to tell me the story and asked me where she would get that from!?! He was completely shocked and thinks that this was not something he should hear from his 3 year old daughter. Oh my goodness; I think we have our hands full with this one.

I do have something fun to share with you though and that brings me to the title of my post. You see, my friend Shari owns a Costume Business and she has made a promotional video for the upcoming Halloween Season. Marc, Katie and Ethan are in it as well as Mia, Ryan and Erin. Marc is the comical cow, Katie is Minnie Mouse and Ethan is Mickey. Mia is Arielle, Ryan is Indiana Jones and Erin is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

Shari is a wonderful woman and she along with her husband Myke are adopting a child VERY soon from Vietnam. If you are going to purchase a costume for Halloween or even for another event please consider patronizing this business. This is a long standing business with a wonderful reputation and amazing service.

OK, here is the video and it is definitely not gross; maybe a bit funny or maybe even a little scary but definitely not gross. Katie told us so.


Vivian M said...

That video was a hoot! And it was neat to recognize so many of the costumed actors. I had no idea I had so many famous friends!
I am so glad you all got a chance to spend some quality "Me" time at dinner and chatting afterwards!

Tammie said...

The video really is fun. OTOH, I think we all had a blast hanging around while it was being filmed. Shari & Myke aren't really adults. They're just kids in costume!

Tell Marc that Katie Starr is getting the "gross" comment from her classmates. We're dealing with it too. And we are just not happy at all! I'll have to ask her about what's gross & what isn't just so I can hear her say it.

Mary said...

ROTFL! Well, there is your 15 minutes of fame, Lori! ;-)
BTW, Neil has that same cow costume and wears it almost every year!