Saturday, September 20, 2008

It was supposed to be a relaxing Saturday; that is until.....

Katie decided that she did not want to nap today. I was very surprised by that as she woke up VERY early this morning. I thought for sure that she would crash hard after lunch. Nope, she was not having it! We put her in the bedroom and she proceeded to talk to herself and sing for the next 2 hours. I walked in a couple of times and told her to be a little quieter and to try to get some rest. She never did. Ethan on the other hand napped for almost 3 hours and he actually slept in this morning as well....go figure!

After the nap that never was, Katie played by herself until Ethan woke up and then we played with puzzles until it was time to meet our friends "The P's" at Cracker Barrel. I was a little concerned that Katie would fall asleep on the 20 minute ride there but no siree, she was still going strong when we arrived.

We all sat down, ate and generally had a fine time with each other until Katie and Mia got a little rambunctious. We decided to bring them outside and sit by the rocking chairs. I pulled out some candy that I brought for them and they just had a ball; eating their candy, running from chair to chair, playing silly games with each other and giving everybody that walked by a fun show.

Look at that grin

Miss Katie and Miss Mia - Great friends

Hug it up!

The Beautiful "P" Ladies

Making funny faces
another country heard from
Outside with their suckers

Getting a little messy

At the end of the evening, a baby boy that was just beginning to walk came by with his parents and the girls just went crazy over him. They had to watch every move he made and Katie kept saying...HELLO LITTLE PAPI!! I use that term of endearment with Ethan now and then as I did with Justin. It is a holdover from my first marriage. My ex husband was South American. Now that I think about it; it is quite funny that me; an Italian Jew is using a Spanish term of endearment with my Chinese son. I guess we are quite the melting pot around this house! So anyway, Katie and Mia stalked little Papi until it was time to go and head home. Here are the girls and their new friend

Katie made it home, still in great shape and is now singing in her bed and it is 9:45PM. Does this mean that she may sleep in a bit later tomorrow morning? Knowing my little bundle of energy, somehow I doubt it...but a girl can always hope!


Candy said...

Great pictures. Looks like everybody had a great time. Katie did good without a nap. I'm proud of her. Love that Mia grin.

Carol and Taylor said...

Is the fact that I'm green coming through the keyboard??? I am so jealous! When T doesn't or barely naps (like yesterday), she becomes IMPOSSIBLE to be around. She just turns into one big crank!

Good for Miss Starr! What a big girl!

Vivian M said...

Kerri stopped napping before she turned two. I miss that quiet time!
Sounds like Katie did great and had energy to spare. Wish we could bottle that and sell it!
Was the restaurant the Cracker Barrel? We have some of those in North Florida and they have the same rocking chairs lined up outside, and great southern cooking!

PIPO said...

Well, hi!

Thanks for coming out of hiding and I'm glad to swing by and visit you. Beautiful kids you have...all three.

Your little ones are just stinkin' cute. It freaks me out a litte that your Ethan looks quite a bit like the little, Italian-speaking Chinese boy who haunts my dreams. Go on...ask Ethan something in Italian and let me know how he answers :0)

I'll be putting you in my bloglines.


Tammie said...

Sounds like Katie Starr is on the way to ending naptime. My condolences. I cried when I realized that Erin wasn't going to continue taking naps. OTOH, now that she's in first grade, I can sneak in a nap by ahving her lay down next to me.

Sounds like lunch with the P's was fun. As I looked at the picture of Katie Starr & Mia, I thought back to the first pic you posted on the yahoo group titled (I think) best friends.