Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Little Taste of the Dynamic Duo's Energy Level

Today was another busy day in the life of the DD. Marc left early this morning for a show and will not be home until late tonight after another show. He did come home in between for a little R and R but with the DD, there is little of that ;0)

I took a few videos throughout the day to give you a little hint at why that Colonoscopy looked mighty relaxing. Hey, I am not complaining....much!

Before you get to the video here is a picture of Mom with Ethan today. She and Pop met me for lunch and there was a point where I was trying to get Ethan to eat his sandwich before his fries. He looked to Nana for help from mean ol' Mom. Of course, my mom fed into that by saying "Ethan, do you want to come home with Nana?" You should have seen that boy make his big puppy dog eyes even bigger, as he put his head on my Mom's chest. He then said "Yes Nana." Man oh Man...this little guy is too much. I told Nana that she better watch what she asks for or she may just get it!

This first Video is of Marc and the DD playing a little game of Daddy is sleeping and the kiddos keep waking him up. Of course, it started with his trying to lay on the couch for a real nap.

The second one is of Katie singing "We did it!" from Dora the Explorer. Katie and Ethan had just play acted that they had saved Baby Jaguar so they are singing in celebration. Watch Katie Cat and Copy Cat do their thing ;0)

This one is when Katie was singing the Barney song. As you can see Ethan is still running around like a crazy man while this performance is going on. The volume level can get nutso around here.

The last one is of Katie singing a couple of tunes from her Shabbat service at the Temple Preschool that she attends. Ethan at this point is completely over her performances.

Goodnight from Stress is the New Black until tomorrow when it is time to make the donuts all over again ;0)


Diana said...

Put that girl on Broadway as she get belt out a tune better then any of them:)
That was just tooo CUTE!!!
You are a very lucky mom..I miss mine being that age (but I have to say the Barney song I do not miss:)

Michelle said...

Katie is a riot. You have the perfect stage right there. and I love yur dog in the 'Don't wake Daddy" game...she was cracking me up!

We5Chois said...


Katie certainly lives up to her name, she is a Starr alright.

And it looks like Ethan is along for the ride. Those kiddos are too darn cute.

Vivian M said...

Someone give that girl a microphone! I can see Kareoke night is fun at your house!