Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oh my goodness; the baby is in the bidet!!

Katie Starr is always misplacing her baby and it shows up in the oddest places. I guess it really is not that odd when you consider that the bidet is next to my toilet and that is where both of my 3 year olds spend a decent amount of time each day. OK, I know what you are probably thinking...

Why the heck do Lori and Marc have a bidet? Who uses bidet's anymore?

Good Questions!

Answer: The prior owners of this house had it installed. We thought it looked kinda cool but knew that we would never use it. In fact, when we moved into the house last year, Marc decided to turn it on just to make sure it worked and it sprayed up and hit him in the face and sprayed the ceiling. That was the last time it was used....that is except for this use, which I find quite convenient since it is next to the tiolet.

Mom, when are you going to be up and around again? My posts have hit a new low!


Tammie said...

Gee. A magazine holder. And people thought we were crazy!

When we sold our house in Kendall, we had turned the stove into a planter. No one really cooked on an everyday basis once my grandma passed away. Besides, we owned a Dunkin' Donuts so we never ate home except for the big holidays when we removed the plants. The new owners loved it when they saw it!

OTOH, I love what you've done with your bidet.

I hope your mom is feeling better. Of course, her ribs must be aching for sure now as I KNOW that she is laughing heartily over this post.

We5Chois said...

Hey Lori,

That just cracked me up. I have a matching bidet here in China. it has copies of Empire and Newsweek magazines in it. Oh and the Good Housekeeping that Mary sent me.

Our bidet is automatic, so I am always concerned it is going to switch on and soak our precious reading materials. One of these days I will get a magazine basket instead.

Michelle said...

Lori, that provided me a much needed laugh. Someday I would love to meet you (and Tammie) because you guys are just too darn funny.

I have dog food in my bathroom! Yep, sad but true!

Jane said...

Lori - when Steve and I lived in Sicily we had a Bidet and that is where we let our land turtles swim and use the restroom...I wonder if people actually ever use the bidet..

Vivian M said...

I love bidets! We had them in Argentina. I loved washing delicates in them and hanging them up to dry in the shower.
My sister thought it was the kiddie toilet.

Linda Louie said...

I am sorry you must blog every day but I just received a letter from the doctor saying I will not get better for at least one year, so keep on blogging. I cannot believe Jane writes to you regarding turtles swimming in
her bidet. Didn't I give you talks about what you are supposed to use these for; certainly not for Marc
to be using it.

Love, mama mia

Beverly said...

at least you are using it. That baby looks cold, she needs a blanket!!