Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The second post of the day, be still my heart!

Today was pretty action packed day so I thought it merited a second blog post. My mom is actually enjoying these daily posts so much that she has informed me that she will not let me know when she is feeling well enough to get out on her own, since if you will remember, I promised her I would blog every day until she was out and about again.

This morning I dropped Katie Starr off to preschool and I stopped into the front office to pay her tuition. I took a pen out of my purse that has the name of my business and my picture. I have lots of these, as when you are a realtor or own a business these promotional items get sent to you all the time. OK, back to the story...well, Katie sees that I am writing with a pen with her Mommy's pic on it and she exclaims. "Mommy, your picture is on your pencil...WOW!!" "Mommy, your famous." Where she got that from I will never know?!? Katie asked to look at the pen and she was quite impressed. The bookkeeper and I were just giggling about how cute she was. So, then I take my "famous" self and my daughter into her classroom. Katie runs up to the teacher and tells her that I am famous because I am on a pencil and tells me to show the teacher. The teacher looks at it and says..."Oh, your a Realtor!" and I say, "Yes I am, I own my own business and it is worth about the same as that pen." OK, I am a being little cryptic; you have to be these days if you are in the real estate business. We had a good chuckle over that one.

We were invited to a birthday party for a four year old friend of Katie and Ethan's by the name of Ella this evening. It was very cool, the kids got to go on the mazes, slides and bounce houses for 45 minutes, then on to bowling, next dancing and finally Pizza and cake. Katie and Ethan had a blast but then at the dance party, Katie seemed disoriented by the dark room, loud music and light show. She, of course has eyesight issues and I think that was a large part in how overwhelmed she got. Mr. Mischief was in all of his glory...too cute!

Well, here is where it gets really good. We finish up in the party room with pizza and cake. I am talking to our friend David; Katie walks over and she is trying to tell us something. We bend down to hear her a little better and she is intently trying to tell David how she had a small poopy accident in her pants earlier and that she really is doing better and better and better!! (she had actually not wiped herself well enough) OK, Katie, was David on the need to know list for that? Then as that is being digested, I look up to see Ethan puking all over Marc...oy! Poor Marc is sitting amidst the mess and I take Ethan, strip off his shirt while Marc goes into the restroom to try to clean up as best as possible. Marc had actually just gotten over a case of food poisoning so being vomited on was not what the doctor ordered. The party was winding down but seemed to break up immediately after that. Ya think there was a correlation? Uh......YEAH!


Beautiful Yasmin

Happy Guy

Happy girl

Yasmin, Rachel, and the DD listening to the bowling directions

This one cracked me up. They were asked to raise their hands if they had bowled before. Several children raised their hands and then so did the DD (they have never bowled before ;)

Looks like it may be a gutter ball, ya'think??

Looks like a natural

What form!!

Watching their competition

Rachel and Yasmin (BFF's) are always joined at the hip. Here they are going against the limbo flow but they are doing it together :)

Ethan enjoying the Hokey Pokey with daddy

Group pic making funny faces

Ella the birthday princess and her brother Luke

Only Katie Starr would choose the veggie platter over the cake


Candy said...

Great pictures. Hope Ethan is feeling better. We had a blast!

Vivian M said...

Poor Ethan and Marc! Hope everyone is feeling better. The party looks like it was a blast! And I am honored to know a famous person! Next time I see you I will ask for an autograph!

linda ruocco said...

I cannot read your blog anymore. My ribs are killing me because you are making me laugh so hard. I don't know who is funnier the dd or you.

Love Letters To China said...

I hope Ethan is feeling better. I hate to say it but I think it's starting to go around at the schools. Natalie woke up with a "hot mouth". Found out her friend has a sore throat and is out sick today :(. Isn't Jumpers lots of fun? We've been to numerous parties there and it really is a great place for a party (especially in this heat!). One of Natalie's classmates mom owns the place. She thought of the concept on her own and ran with it. It seems to be doing great.

Beverly said...

what a fun party. hope everyone is well now. LOL on the potty story.

We5Chois said...

Oh Man, poor Marc. Ethan certainly knows how to break up a party - lol

Hope everyone is feeling better now. Katie would do well with my kids they are all about the veggies over the cake - weird!

As for being famous, how come we 'your loyal fan base' have not been given any of these Lori memorabilia. Huh?
The party looks like fun. I love Ethan's shirt ;-)

Tammie said...

Gee. I don't know who I feel worse about. Marc? Ethan? Poor guys.

OTOH, it looks like the party was a total succcess. Erin absolutely loves going to Jumpers. Now I can see why!