Saturday, October 11, 2008

A day that began with Television and ended with the Movies

We woke up this morning to the usual sound of Katie talking her (and probably Ethan's) head off. As we were laying there, trying to draw upon some inner resource to find the motivation to lift our weary bodies out of bed, we discussed whether Ethan was even up yet. Sometimes he can sleep through Katie's incessant talking. We finally sucked it up (as big Daddy would say) and arose from our bed. We walked over to see that Little Miss Starr's imagination was going at full tilt. She politely asked us to please leave as she was watching a "DVDV" (that is what she calls it) on her TV. No, there is definitely not a television in their room! It was just the make believe one at the foot of her toddler bed. She then pointed out the make believe "DVDV's" at the side of her bed. As she pointed to about 10 rails along the side she named each "DVDV"....Elmo, Cinderella, Ni Hao Kai Lan, Dora, Sleeping Beauty and on and on and get the picture. She turned the sound down so we could talk and I asked them if Ethan was watching a "DVDV" too in his bed. The answer from Ethan was a resounding yes and then he mimicked his sis. He showed me his "DVDV's" and he named them as well. They were Diego, Diego, Diego, Diego. Diego and on and on until the last one which was Boots (he is the monkey in the Dora show :) They absolutely loved this game and we played along for awhile before we started our day.

The day itself was very relaxing. We hung out while the DD played outside and then we both got down to some chores while they took their nap.

After they woke up we took them to meet the "P" family at the movies, where we saw Beverly Hills Chihuahua. This was one we were quite excited to see as we have a Chihuahua in our family ~ Our little Gabriella, Gabby for short. This was Ethan's first movie and let me tell you, he exceeded our expectations with flying colors. We sat them down and gave them some cups with straws that I brought from home with water in them and gave them each a baggy that we split a popcorn in for them. They were so happy sitting there with their straw cups and fun food :)

Ethan sat through the whole movie and when the movie would come to an adventure filled scene or an intense one he would get really animated and tell us, as he was wagging his finger all about it. Sometimes he would talk loudly to the screen as he wagged his finger at it! Katie is an old pro now as this is her fourth movie. She sat pretty quietly. She made loud statements and questions but she pretty much sat the whole time (either in her seat or on my lap). When the scenes got intense she would bury her face in my upper arm while she rubbed my lower arm. They both kept commenting about Chloe, the lead Chihuahua in the movie and saying that she looked like their Gabby. Mia and Ryan enjoyed the film as well and Mia did very well too. Here are a couple of photos. It is virtually impossible to get three 3 year old's to all cooperate for a picture.

Afterwards, we went to The Sweet Tomato. We always look for places where the volume of the children's voices does not matter much and that is definitely one of those places. We ate and then the kiddos talked and played with each other. The bond that all four of them have with each other is quite special now. It makes me very misty when I see how they care about each other.

Here are a couple of videos that I took at the restaurant. The two girls kept singing so I asked them to sing for me so that I could video it. They chose the Ha Motzi again (good Jews that they are ;0) and in the second one Ryan joined in to speed up their rendition. Enjoy!


Candy said...

Congratulations on Ethan's good behavior at the movies. That's fantastic. Cute videos.

missy said...

adorable videos for sure!!! Glad you had such a fun day!

Vivian M said...

Love the photos! Looks like the movie was a hit with the kids, we will be taking Kerri to go see it!
Thank you again for all your advice and encouragement.
Huge hugs!

Tammie said...

I absolutely love how active Katie Starr & Ethan's imagination is! They really do feed off each other.

I love how the kids all sang the motzi. Too cute!

PIPO said...

Love those piccies.

Ethan is cracking me up - looks like he has a serious sugar buzz settling in.

What fun for all :0)

Beverly said...

very very cute.