Monday, October 20, 2008

The Dynamic Duo Keeps us Hopping!

The DD keep us very busy each weekend. Our life is much different than when the only child that we had was away at college and our only decisions were whether we would sleep in on the weekends before a day of activities and then a night out with friends or leave town for a quick weekend get away. Now, there are play dates, family events, FCC events and of course birthday parties. This past weekend was no different and as I look at the calendar to the weeks ahead it is really quite overwhelming. Probably more overwhelming for Marc than for me. I am the ultimate social animal and even though my dear husband is a Disc Jockey by profession, after his social events end he wants nothing more than to chill at home. He is definitely a very accommodating dh as he always goes to each party as well and does more than his share. I am not going to claim that I do not miss those carefree days but the trade off to this life is much more rewarding in the long run...exhausting but rewarding ;0) Besides, we have made some of the most special friends through our adoptions.

This past weekend we had a birthday party for my cousin's one year old daughter and then we were off to a Pumpkin Patch for our FCC Halloween Photo Shoot. The previous day we had spent some time at the patch scouting it out for the group.

When it's all said and done, we really love living our lives while enjoying the perspective of our two three year olds. We always joke that we are not sure if it is making us younger or killing us. The jury is still out on that one.

These first few photos are of the DD having fun in the pumpkin patch the day before the photo shoot.

There was some time for art work as well...

The next morning was cousin Romy's birthday party and as you can see the kiddos enjoyed the cake. This was the cake that Romy was supposed to eat with her hands but she didn't care for that too much.

Here is the birthday girl with her parents, Cousins David and Stephanie

Then we got into our pumpkin patch photo shoot uniform (white T and jeans)

Here is a photo of the the group but I was not the photographer on this shoot. Our friend David was and his shots will be revealed shortly :)

Ethan and his special friend, Erin

BFF's Katie Starr and Mia

Look at these adorable

Ethan, Meg and Paisley

Enjoying a little snack after the hard work of posing for photos

The "Three" Amigos

The three videos that I have posted are too cute. The first is us trying to get photos of the children. It was like the "red couch" photos onb steroids. Katie started to cry and Marc put her next to Mia which helped ALOT! In the second video check out when Katie kisses Mia and then in the third video they are talking and giggling cute...enjoy!


Gail said...

Great pics and post. Love the photo shoot. Getting a bunch of kids to sit still and look at the camera is kind of like 'hearding cats' as my dh says. I love Katie with her BFF Mia. So sweet. My Gracie also has a BFF named Julia(they share the same birthday and came from the same SWI).

Your SFAM, Gail ;)

Vivian M said...

Boy do I miss you all!
Great pictures, looks like everyone had fun. And we are still trying to figure out when we will get any sleep. Life with two must be twice as fun!

Candy said...

That video of Katie & Mia talkinig and pointing is too much. They look like they're in heavy conversation.

Beverly said...

too cute.

Michelle said...

I LOVE the pic of Ethan alone on the pumpkin. too darn cute for words. Then again it is the DD, I wouldn't expect anything less.

amy said...

What sweet pics and sweet faces! have a blessed day

Tammie said...

You got some great pics at the patch!

After watching the videos, & gee they're so darn cute, I can't see why the kids were so confused. How many of us parents were calling out to our children & in how many different languages & in how many different directions!? Too cute!

M3 said...

Oh I am just DYING over the kiss. Could not be any cuter!