Monday, October 06, 2008

Some more photos from the weekend

On Saturday, I had the family over with a couple of close family freinds so that we could celebrate my sis spending the weekend with us :) It was a wonderful time, although our mischeif man was very out of sorts. He woke up with a cold and nothing made him happy...poor guy! Actaully, Marc was not feeling that much better than Ethan. The party must go on and so we muddled through and enjoyed ourselves. I did not take too many pics but here is what I have...enjoy!

The guys watching football

Judy with the DD's cousin, Romy

Our wonderful friends, Al and Shannon

Judy and Justin with my closest friend, Kira in the middle

That's better!

Mia singing

Now Katie is singing

Ryan and the girls just hanging around

Not too happy today...BTW, his shirt says: I'm definitely up to something! So true!

Ryan has a beautiful smile

My sis with the DD

another stab at a good pic

It was so awesome to see Jane. She had to leave bright and early on Sunday morning and we had to take the DD to a birthday party at 9:00 am..that is a horrid hour to call for a party.

The DD thought that they were playing this game

listening intently to the instructions

Group funny faces

Katie with her friend Daniel sipping their drinks

waiting for grub!

another sipper

cutie pie

The birthday girl, Alex

Here are two videos. The one of Katie shows her tenacity. She would not give up trying to get up the slide. She was having a hard time as she had sweats on and socks that kept making her slide down. Finally, I walked over and gave her little tush a boost :) The other video is Marc and Ethan sliding.


Vivian M said...

Great pictures! Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

Tammie said...

Looks like everyone had a great time partying this weekend! The pics are great!

PIPO said...

That is one adorable bunch of pictures...gotta love it.

Gail said...

Great pics...and great fun, I hope Mr. Ethan is feeling better.