Thursday, October 23, 2008

We had two good laughs and it wasn't even 7:30 AM

As we begin each day with the DD, we are never quite sure what we will hear or see that will either leave us speechless or left laughing our asses off. This morning left us losing our asses once again.

I always have to preface my comments with some background as you know, so please indulge me if you will...

Anyone who was a child of the 60s and 70s, like Marc and I were, know that when a guy thought you were cute or "hot" he would refer to you as "foxy" I swear, I have not heard that term for about twenty some odd years until this morning when the first thing out of our Starr's mouth is " I am so foxy!" Marc and I burst out laughing and asked her what that meant. I think she was startled by our eruptive laughter and could not express what she though "foxy" was. She just kept prancing her cute self around the room saying that she was. I am still laughing thinking about that weird comment and the blast from the past at the same time. I do know one thing......that at 47 years young I am no longer "foxy" in the morning. I can still get within "foxy" range when I want to though ;0)

OK, next history lesson is about our mischief man...I have mentioned before that Ethan has the strangest fixation on his shoes and socks; especially his socks. He has a strong aversion to any sock that is not blue but most dark colors will suffice. White sends him into a tail spin on most days. Everyone who knows him knows this alarming fact about our sonny boy; even his teacher. You just do not mess with the boy's socks and to make matters worse if he is crabby, as he can be in the morning, well you just cannot go to that dark place.

As we walked towards their room to wake them, I told Marc the was "Sock it to Drugs Day" at the school. On this day you are supposed to wear mismatched, funny, crazy colors or whatever is kooky to show your support of the message "Just say no to drugs." I shuddered at the thought of messing in such a funky way with his socks. As we began to dress him, I pulled out some mismatched socks and just as quickly as I did that, he stuck his hand in the drawer and grabbed a blue pair.

Now listen folks, I am an experienced mom and I know which are the important fights to have (most of the time ;-0) I turned to Marc and said "There is no way that this child is going to understand anything about saying no to drugs and why his socks would have anything to do with that. We would have to wait until next year because if we did not then I told Marc that "I would have to say "YES" to drugs!" OMG, we laughed our asses off again! What a crazy life!! Anyway, I wrote a note to the teacher that Ethan would not be participating in the "crazy socks" day as it would cause too much craziness and that I knew that she would understand why. (I did not write a message about my pro drug stance if we forced Ethan to participate...I am fairly sure that it would not have been PC to do so)

She wrote back to me "Yes, I understand!!!!"

Yes, I believe she does ;0)

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?


PIPO said...

Good stuff. Yep, I remember 'foxy''s dyn-o-mite :0)

Hey, saw your pair in the 'From China with Love' calendar. Very, very nice!

Gail said...

Oh do you make me laugh....'foxy,' also haven't heard that word in a long time. Miss Starr is a character, I don't know how you stand it.
And your sock man is a funny one too.

Jane said...

as I sit in my not so foxy morning after 2 days on the road attire I to laughed my ass off. ME

Vivian M said...

It's better than tv, isn't it? That's why I always tell everyone welcome to our family sitcom!

Teresa said...

Laughing out here too. Ok, time to clear the tears so I can type. Too funny. Just be glad she didn't use the term "orgasmic" as our generation had a lot of mileage out of that term (sorry to say).

There are battles with 4 year olds that are necessary, socks is not one of them. Glad his teacher was on to his sock fixation. Whew!

Frankly, I think I would have a hard time making the connection between what socks I wear and drug use.

Still the sock color obsession reminds me of Henry Ford who said, "You can have any color Model T you like, so long as it's black."

Keep up the good work, we are all enjoying a good laugh.


Michelle said...

Oh, I needed a good laugh. I completely understand Ethan's sock issues. Only I have them with other items. I carry meds with me to help handle those sorts of situations :) Better living through chemistry.

Tammie said...

Goodness! The things that your Katie Starr comes up with brings smiles to my face. And, yes, I remember foxy although I too couldn't tell you the last time I looked foxy in the morning!

I'm so glad to hear that Ethan's teacher understands his sock issue. Somehow I'm glad to know that you didn't have to say yes to drugs.

Judy said...

Too funny!