Monday, October 27, 2008

A weekend with Shlomo

As I told you in my previous post, Katie's new friend Shlomo stayed with us this past weekend. He was a pleasure to have as our guest. He did not require any special care or feeding and he was just happy to be in the crook of Katie Starr's arm most of the time. Here are he and Katie together last Friday.

Shlomo is the Shabbat Teddy Bear at Katie's preschool. When a child is either an Abba" (Father) or "Ima" (Mother) for Shabbat service, then Shlomo is part of the honor that they receive. They get to bring him home for the whole weekend and then the parents write a short synopsis of the weekend with Shlomo in a notebook that is passed from student to student. It was fun to read what everybody else has written too. Here is a look at our page. You can click it to make it larger so that you can read it.

Of course, I am going to post pics from all of the events that I mentioned.

These pics are of Katie's class as well as Katie and I in our place of honor on the bima

Katie and I singing

Look at Ethan sitting quietly and looking at the prayer book

In the evening we went to Judy's 24th birthday celebration.

Here is he birthday girl with her love, Justin

Here is Shlomo with Miss Starr at the Party

These next 3 pics just crack me up. Ethan is totally the lady's man; whether it be with the older girls in our FCC group or here with Judy's friends. Marc, my Dad and I just laughed as we watched from behind. I kept wondering why they looked so interested in what he was saying. I mean I am sure it was meaningful but I am also sure that they could not understand most of what he was saying. For some reason they looked like they were hanging on every word. My dad speculated that he was asking what their sign was.

On Sunday we had our annual FCC Halloween Event. It took Ethan all of about 2 seconds to get the concept of trick or treating down and he left with a pumpkin full of candy that was so heavy that I think I now have carpal tunnel syndrome after carrying it to the car.

Here are Katie and Ethan before we went to the event. They are such a cute Mickey and Minnie although I think that Ethan's ears could use a bit of Viagra

Let the trick or treating begin...check out Ethan's persistence in making sure he won the prize for obtaining the most candy possible in a single event.

Standing room only

Yes, there is more candy here Mom!

Katie chatting up my wonderful friend, Dawn

Do you want more sweets Rachel and Jaci Lu? Why of course!

He actually filled this pumpkin up higher before we left

taking inventory

The beautiful Lily enjoying her sweets

Lily's is part of a family of three beautiful women (Dawn and lily's sis, Rosie are smiling for the camera. Daddy Jacob is not pictured

Dawn, you can gate crash any time my friend!!

Erin and Ethan are special friends

The adorable Jaci Lu

Lily, Katie and Mia

I love this silouette pic of Katie talking to Lily

The "P" family

I think they need to get to the dentist

Then we went home and carved our pumpkin. Daddy carved and the DD helped...well half of the DD did as Ethan hated the pumpkins innards on his hands...must be that sensory issue..note to self to work on that. While Daddy was giving the pumpkin a face, Katie and Shlomo watched from her trike.

I think that we showed shlomo a good time. We tucked him and the DD in early as they missed their nap and needed to rest up before heading back to school.


Vivian M said...

What a fantastic weekend! I LMAO at the viagra Mickey ears comment, they were a bit droopy!
Thank you for sharing the pictures!

Gail said...

What a weekend you had! Great pics.
Mickey and Minnie are adorable. and yes Mickey's ears did need some assistance! We have 2 little candy hoarders in our house too.

Beverly said...

what a great weekend. and I got pringle as my word verification, cool!

Suz said...

I love Shlomo! If he ever needs to travel out of state, he is invited to Madison, Wisconsin!

Love the video and Ethan's reaction to pumpkin inners. I agree totally.


Tammie said...

Wow! You guys sure showed Shlomo a good time. The other families will be hard pressed to keep up with you!

The Halloween bash really was a blast on Sunday. I had a lovely time chatting with Dawn & Jacob. And I am officially a fan of their Lily & Rose. I do hope that they crash again!

Marc did a wonderful job with the pumpkin carving! Does he offer lessons?

Dawn said...

Can you hire Marc out for pumpkin carving?? HIs pumpkin is the bomb.

Fabby to see you again darling and always a treat to glimpse the DD in person.

Me thinks Schlomo needs a vacation after the weekend you guys showed him.