Saturday, November 15, 2008

I am part of an amazing group

I am also proud to say that I am president of that amazing group. The group of which I speak is Families with Children from China - South Florida (FCCSF) We also have members with children from other Asian Countries as well. We are very inclusive.

The seeds of this group started taking root in mid 2005 and by the end of that year we had formed our board and had taken the first baby steps in making it the amazing group that it is today. Our group has social events monthly as well as play groups, Chinese New Year Celebration, Autumn Moon festival and National Adoption Month Picnic, holds a charitable event annually, has begun an education program for the parents and now a weekly cultural class for the children and communicates through a Yahoo group where the support and love flow as freely as the shopping posts.

Today, we held our National Adoption Awareness Month Picnic and it was absolutely amazing..I know, I know..I keep using that word...but there really is no other superlative that describes it as well.

We had a full schedule for the children as well as food, drink and fun. It ran the gamut from a bounce house, balloon animals, face painting, relay races, Dora the Explorer, A demonstration by a local occupational therapist on fun OT exercises with the kiddos and the Coral Springs Chinese Cultural Association demonstrated calligraphy, paper folding and Chinese Yo Yo by the students. Everyone left happy and quite full. We had a few new prospective members that were excited about what our group is all about.

I have great love in my heart for the members of this group. The group is really one of my great passions and I do my best to make sure it not only survives but actually grows and thrives like our children do.

Above is a slide show with no captions but the many pictures speak volumes of the fun that was had.

Below is a video of a relay race that turned into a fun free for all. Enjoy!


Candy said...

We had a great time today. I love the pictures. They do speak volumes. I have not even began to look at all the pictures that David and I took today. Great Job!

Vivian M said...

Oh how I wish we could have been there! We really miss everyone and all the fun. Looks like it was a huge hit! And I can't show these to Kerri, she will get very upset that she missed meeting Dora in person!
By the way, the group is made up of awesome families, but the board works hard all year and I just wanted to say thanks for all you do!

Tammie said...

Boy. I am so darn happy that Mary pushed me into accepting my position on the board. You gals are more than friends. You're a lifeline.

Today was an awesome day. I am so proud of where we are. Much of that is due to you Madame President. So. Thank you for your leadership, guidance & love.

Missy said...

What a wonderful event filled with loads of fun! I wish we lived in South Florida so we could be a part of your organization. Ours just isn't that fun : ( Keep up the great work!

Linda Louie said...

I love these photos!

Teresa said...

We're having our picnic this Sunday! We are also including children from foster care and Russia! We are looking forward to it! :)


Love Letters To China said...

I'm so sad we we're able to make the picnic. It looks like everyone had a great time. We look forward to attending next year with Liam. :)