Monday, November 24, 2008

It's official, I have no shame!

Yes, it's true but I will get to that part of today's story in a moment.....

Today was truly a free and easy day...aaaaah..we needed that!!

We woke up just before 8 am and believe me when I tell you that waking up that late is very rare and very appreciated. I guess we wore the little boogers out yesterday!

After a leisurely breakfast, we geared up and headed out to the big apple with the DD. Usually when we go into NYC we hit as many spots as possible; kinda like a mini marathon of sorts. We knew that this would not be advisable today for the DD or for us, so we took it easy. We went down into Chinatown and then went up towards Broadway to have lunch at the Carnegie Deli...yum! We drove around town and then finished up by showing the kiddos Times Square before heading outta dodge! I think that the DD's fav part of the day was being treated to lollipops at a candy store in midtown. We told them that they would have to hang onto them until we got back in the car and you should have seen the grasp that they had on those suckers...mittens and all!

This is for you Justin ~ Justin's fav Rock Club, CBGB was on this street but is no longer here :(

At Carnegie Deli

What?!? I know the sandwiches were big but this is ridiculous!!

Walking the streets of NYC with the DD

We went back to the hotel for a rest before we went back out for dinner and that is where the "no shame" part of the story comes in. You see, I was in the bathroom with Katie Starr and she needed to use the toilet. I needed to help her to get her pants off due to a button that was giving her trouble. I stepped back and was about to bend over and that is when I stepped back a bit too far. I hit the bathtub with the back of my heel, tripped and fell backwards as if in slow motion straight back into the tub. I looked up at Katie Starr who looked back at me with what seemed like several different emotions on her face that ranged from horror, fear that I was hurt and then humor when I burst out into laughter at how silly I must have looked. Then I finally saw relief on that precious face of hers that all was OK. I was in the strangest position and I called for Marc to give me a hand to get out and that is when Katie decided that this was great fun and got into the tub next to me and positioned herself the same way. I love my girl...she is too much! We were both laughing so hard and then Marc and Ethan came running in to witness this weird scene and of course they both became hysterical. There is only one thing that the husband of a blogger would do in that situation and that was to break out the camera. That cracked me up even further. Here is the pic that he got of us. Now you know why I say that I have no shame...sheesh!

It's been great fun here is New Jersey but tomorrow we are off to Northern Virgina to see missy lil' sissy and her family. Lord only knows what misadventures we will get into there. My folks will be flying in on Wednesday to join us for Thanksgiving. Ciao for now!


Colleen said...

What a fun day!!!! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!!! : )

Teresa said...

Glad the tub was empty! And especially happy that you were not hurt.

Vivian M said...

Oh I am missing the smells and tastes of NY! Glad you are OK from your slip and fall. Have a wonderful time with the sis and Rony and please drive safely!

Judy said...

Wow! I didn't realize you guys were in NYC. I haven't been back in years. Love seeing the pics from there. Thank goodness for no serious injuries on your slip and fall. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Btw, have you been to my blog lately??? We may not be in town to meet you guys for CNY in January;-)

Beverly said...

that is the kind of stuff great vacay memories are made of!!

Gail said... are making me wish I was in NY. How fun!

Have a great Thanksgiving friend!

Tammie said...

Gee you've made me really miss NYC. I haven't been back in a gazillion years, but I'd still kill for a good corned beef sandwich on rye with a sour pickle. The streets still look the same. Oh how I long for a visit.

I'm glad to hear that you're okay. My first thought was your back. But Katie Starr can be a reassuring little girl. How cool that Marc thought to capture the pic for your blog!

Say hi to your family for us if you don't blog before Thanksgiving!