Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Hello, I am Lori and I am addicted to Facebook!

I already had computer usage issues before but now this darn Facebook has me hook, line and sinker. Any little bit of free time that I have is spent posting my status, commenting on other people's status's and photos, perusing to see what my "friends" are doing, joining groups, taking fun little quizzes, sending flair and other gifts and on and on. I am sure that there must be a support group for this but with my luck it is probably on Facebook (snort!)

Of course, to add insult to injury, I also have to face the constant ridicule of my son and future DIL who are mortified that I, as well as the rest of the "back in the day" crowd, have infested their sanctum. Facebook used to be a "college only" social networking site but it is not anymore. I keep reminding them of that fact and that they are not in college anymore but my arguments fall on deaf ears.

If you have not ever been on Facebook and you are like me with virtually no extra time to waste, I say "stay away before it gets you too!" I love it but I waste more time than I care to discuss. If you have already been bitten by the bug and you are hooked like me...well then.....

I will catch you on Facebook where we can make sure that all of our friends know what we are doing at all times and most especially when we should probably be doing something watching TV or something!


Gail said...

I have to say, it took me a while to get into it. But I also find myself checking it many times a day Lori. I love sending and receiving all those things too! My oldest doesn't know I'm on Facebook and I'm sure he'd be mortified if he knew!!!

Jen@KerrnalJournal said... 11 yr old and 8 yr old came up and saw me on there yesterday, and said, "YOU have a FACEBOOK PAGE????" Then my oldest says, "Yeah, Emma, she's got a WHOLE life we don't even know about!!!"


Vivian M said...

Maybe we should join a 12 step program...if it doesn't help us quit Facebook maybe it might help us lose weight?

Gina said...

Oh my gosh are you kidding me? Heck, my mom and dad have a page and my dad is 60. I swear he's on it every day. It cracks me up. I have one too but I don't check it everyday. I don't care for the new look that much either. The best thing about it has been hooking up with a lot of my high school friends from Puerto Rico. We're planning our 20yr reunion for this summer. Yikes!

Teresa said...

I am also on FB. It's amazing how many people I've reconnected with.

Now for the funny part, my sister's son in college is on FB and my sister did not go on for the longest time because she said he didn't want her on there checking up on him. She decided to go on just yesterday and he called her a NERD for signing on. She then blamed me for telling her to go on. Hmm. I did no such thing and he did NOT have to add her as a friend, now did he? Somehow I got sucked in where I had no say! Go figure! It is all in good fun, though.

You can find me under Teresa Horvet

Catherine said...

lol! Self-discepline with computer time is not one of my fortes so I won't allow myself to join. Thanks for the encouragement to 'step away.'

But, while you're there...have fun!

Tammie said...

Hi. My name is Tammie, & I am a Facebook addict. There I've said it.

Perhaps we should all leave J & J messages to remind them that they are no longer in college themselves!

See you there!

Kathryn said...

OMG Lori that is soooooooo funny, I am 100% completely addicted can't stop, application on my iphone and have checked my notifications stopped at red lights sitting in traffic!!!!!!!!!! It's a serious addiction and I imagine one day it may lighten up but I too waste more time I care to admit there. I'm trying to figure out how to make myself invisible so you can't see when I'm online and my friends won't realize what a loser I am!!!!!

Judith said...


Judy here to defend herself and FI, Justin, (and all us young ones coping with this right now). First off, Justin is most definitely still a college student. Just to point that out, lol.

And yes, FB was originally meant to be a social networking tool. It started with us college freshmen back in '03 but it was NOT meant to be a 'college-students-only' tool, since it also allowed our professors, TA's and other faculty on for us to communicate with. It was created most importantly for us to be able to network with each other post-college when searching for jobs and of course to remain in touch with each other. That was pretty much the point.

They surveyed us original users before expanding it and making it COMPLETELY public (which would defeat it's whole original purpose) and I definitely voted 'NO' on that. And I know a majority of students voted the same, because when I speak to alumni my age (or current college students) they feel the same way.

It's sad to us that the original purpose of FB was thrown out the window overnight but what can you do (sigh)Just forgive us young ones for taking the transition a bit roughly. It's not easy!

Thanks for listening,
--a 6 yr FB member who does not log on as often anymore

Colleen said...

LOL yes it is a bit addicting.

JT said... wife is a facebook addict to and i'm starting to be one as well...
check out my blog to check whether you are a true facebook addict.. :)

IceMat "Magelykun" said...

How much of you went crazy yesterday without Facebook? hiihih lol :)))))