Friday, January 02, 2009

Like Father, Like Daughter!

As most of you know my DH is a Disc Jockey. It is not his side job or hobby; it has been his full time business for the past 29 years. He loves it and he is really good at it; in fact I think he is amazing at it! He is not a radio DJ and he is not someone who just spins music, in fact he does not particularly enjoy music that much. He definitely does not listen to it in his spare time. That always amazes people when I explain that little known fact about Marc. As he puts it "a monkey can be trained to play music." I should know, for a few years at the beginning of our relationship I was his part time "monkey." while I still ran my own business.

Marc is an entertainer and he entertains the crowd while his computer plays the music. He provides entertainment at social events such as weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah's, corporate events etc. He is funny as all get out and you really never know what Marky Marc (as I call him) is going to do at any given moment. Nothing he does is scripted and he is just all about being spontaneous. I think that is what sets him apart from the rest and what has allowed him to make a good living doing what he loves for all of these years. He is also very lucky in my humble opinion because he gets to do what he loves for a living.

Well, it seems that our little Starr has a lot of the same attributes as her dear ol' daddy. Yes, Katie is smart, funny and entertaining but that is usually reserved for the people that she trusts the most. She is usually quite reserved in new situations but today the "entertainer" in our daughter came out to play!

Marc was entertaining at a community camp for 5 to 11 year old's and asked me to bring the DD to see him. The kiddos know what he does for a living as they have seen him once or twice fairly quickly. Katie Starr always says "my daddy works on the microphone", but this was the first time they have even been able to be involved.

When we pulled up to the park where he was working, we saw him and over 100 kids there. We walked over and he was leading a popular dance with the kids called the "Cha Cha Slide". We watched as he did that and I watched as Katie sang the words right along with him. Since he is a DJ she gets to hear all of the top 40 stuff so she knows a lot of the words. The only other person in my family that loves Top 40 as much as Katie does is my mom. I find it a bit weird and surreal that they were both singing the lyrics to "Womanizer" by Brittany Spears recently...together!...OMG!

But I digress...

Marc then entertained the kids with a game and Katie was absolutely entranced with the whole process and enjoyed it immensely. When it was time to dance again, Katie ran up to the front, faced the crowd with her daddy and tried to lead the dance with him. She was amazing and the kids loved her. Ethan got involved too but he was soon off chasing ducks so of course Mom was off chasing Ethan (smirk). She stayed for another 15 minutes or so just free dancing with the kids until Marc started a circle dance where the kids throw off their skills in the middle. Guess who got into the circle and threw off...yes, that is right...our Starr! OMG, it pushed the cuteness quotient off the charts and Marc and I had grins from ear to ear. Later, after we left, Marc called me to tell me that the kids could not stop talking about Katie. They thought she was so cute and that she was such a good dancer ;0)

Check out these pics. Unfortunately, this bad blogging mama did not have her camera at the ready so these cell phone camera pics will have to suffice.


Tammie said...

What? Huh? Did I read correctly? You didn't have your camera with you!? Now, I'm sorry but I have seen your purse. It's big enough for a camera to be in it & ready to go! What would your faithful followers have done if your crackberry didn't have a camera in it!? What I ask you!?

Having been at the CNY events where Marc entertains, I can honestly say that I agree with you. The man is awesome.

Tamara said...

I learned the day that Moose jumped on stage and started singing with the band that the camera goes everywhere!
Katie Starr is a cutie!
Can't wait to see you!

Michelle said...

I am cracking up with Starr. She looks like se stole the spotlight. I love it. A girl who knows how to act on stage...FABULOUS!

Gail said...

Looks like Ms. Starr will be a future star. She is really gettin' into it! LOVE this!

You have such a great family BTW.:)

Candy said...

Looks like Katie is taking after her dad big time. The kids all look like they are having a blast. Great Job, Marc. You always get them moving.

Vivian M said...

Katie is sure living up to her middle name! Loving the pics, and they are not that bad considering they are taken on a crackberry!

PIPO said...

Gotta love stinkin' cute.

She does look like she had some moves...gotta get yourself a FLIP for those impromptu vids ;0)

Beverly said...

what a fun job. and such fun pics.