Thursday, February 19, 2009

I can see it now....your dad does what?!?

Today as we were driving home from Katie's preschool, Marc called me. I was stopped at a light and handed the phone to Katie so that she could say hi to daddy. Here is the conversation that ensued. Keep in mind while reading it that Marc runs a mobile Disc Jockey business.

Katie: "Daddy, where are you?"

Marc: "I am in my office."

Katie: "In your office at home?"

Marc: "No, sweetie, I am working in my office that is not at home."

Katie: "Daddy, are you doing the Chicken Dance in your office?"

Marc and I were hysterical. You gotta love the mental picture that Katie must have of her daddy's work day. Hmmmmm.....Daddy not only entertains at parties...he must also be entertaining in the office as well. Now that must be one fun job!!

There was lots of explaining again about what daddy does when he arrived home. Of course, Katie thinks that the only reason that I go to work is to see her Papa(my business partner) and her Auntie Kira (my best friend who also works for me) She obviously thinks it is all fun and games in the work place ;-)


Vivian M said...

That is cute! Kerri wants me to go to work so Daddy can stay home.

Candy said...

I've got the visual too!

Tammie said...

You mean Marc doesn't do the chicken dance in his office that isn't at home? Gee. I thought he did also.

Katie Starr, you are too sweet.

kira said...

it used to be fun, remember? well, it still is especially lunch time. lol. too sweet!

ChinaCalling said...

I've always known that women worked harder than men!!!! So, there you have it. I wouldn't be surprised if they were ALL Chicken Dancing through the day....ROFL
Love, sherri