Saturday, February 14, 2009

If it is the weekend then you will find us at a birthday party

We are smack dab in the middle of the birthday party circuit. It is nuts how many birthday parties we are invited to. The odds are great that on any given weekend we will be at one or maybe even two children's parties.

The reason that we are caught up in this whirlwind is that we are a part of three separate groups that have children that are our children's ages. There are the children from Katie Starr's class, the children from Ethan's class and the children in our FCC Chapter. Add to that, the occasional neighborhood child or child of one of our friends outside of those circles and there you have it...the birthday party perfect storm.

I have found that I must be very creative with our time and our budget to meet all of these preschool social obligations. We do make every effort to attend every one that we possibly can. We want to have our children take part in their friend's special days. We do whatever we need to make that happen. I can see the difference in our children's demeanor with each and every party. The become more and more socially adept and comfortable in new situations. For our part, I must be candid enough to say that it can get a bit much attending all of these parties. It's all good for me if it is the child of someone that I actually know and like but that is not always the case. The bottom line though, is that like most everything that we do for our children, you have to just suck it up and do what you gotta do.

Today, during a party I was talking to the birthday mom. She asked me what I was planning for Katie's 4th and I told her that I was not having a big shindig this year, rather an intimate family affair. As I mentioned in a previous post, Katie likes it that way and that is the way we will do it this year. I actually saw a small look of relieved happiness come over this woman's face as she mentally crossed one child off of her birthday social calendar for this year and is able to feel no guilt in doing so. I am more than happy to do that for her and the rest of the mom's on behalf of our Starr. On the other hand, I will be reciprocating with them and inviting them all to Ethan's party as our mischief man likes nothing better than to be partying like a rock star!

If it is going to make the birthday child happy and our children in the process then I will be there. I will come, children and present in hand, make small talk, follow the routine, sing happy birthday and call it another successful day on the preschool social calendar and in the life of our Dynamic Duo!


Carol and Taylor said...

He He ...

I'm laughing. You don't know it, but you recently dodged yet another birthday bullet. I was planning on inviting you and the duo to schlep down to Miami for T's party, but recently saw your email regarding Disney on Ice, which is the same day, at about the same time.

As far as I'm concerned, anything Disney is way more fun than some old bday party, so I hope you guys have fun...and kind of wish we were going, too, instead of dealing with the stress of a toddler party. ...and I swore I'd never get involved with them when I was childless. Boy, how things change.

Ah well, there's always next year!

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

LOL...I would have definitely schlepped for you and T!! That is too funny though and now that I know that you were going to have me make the schlep there you can count on an invite to the mischief man's in the summer ;-)

Hugs to you both!

Vivian M said...

I don't think you are alone in this one. Kerri's birthday this year started on the first day of school, so instead of throwing a party, I arranged to bring in food for the class. And Kerri had several intimate parties too.

Gail said...

I see where you're coming from friend. Our super busy birthday party season seems to be in the late Spring through the entire Summer. Grace's travel group friends all have bdays then and we live in a neighborhool with at least 15-20 children around G and W's age, so there are many parties too. We also try to go to most of them and it is expensive! Both of my 2 love to party.

Tammie said...

It amazes me how so many parents don't listen to their children's needs. Then they wonder why the children don't listen or have respect.

I feel your pain. Erin had a major meltdown at her very first birthday party. Even though the only people who came were family & friends, it was too hard for her. By the time she turned 5, she became a party animal.

Even so I've had to turn down some party invitations knowing she wouldn't do well.

Of course, she's been planning her next birthday party since August. She has the guest list ready to go. And here I was hoping to escape from yet another stresser for me.