Monday, February 09, 2009

Sweetness and Light

Katie is one of the sweetest children that I have ever known and I find it so amazing that I get to live with this sweetness on a daily basis. I do not say this in the spirit of bragging. I am blogging about it so that I can capture the beauty that is this child's personality.

Katie Starr wakes up every morning in a wonderful mood and it is VERY rare to see her good mood turn sour. In fact, the only time you see a darker side to her personality is when she is ill. I always know if something is amiss with her health as she gets cranky and that is so not Katie. She never has temper tantrums and she is strangely reasonable for a three year old. Sometimes I think she is more reasonable than I am; actually I know she is!

Katie never likes others to be upset and is quite empathetic. She hates to see others in pain or ill. She is learning to share quite well and even shares her mommy and daddy's affection with her brother Ethan without any negativity. Sometimes, when we are loving on her little brother, I can see something flicker in her eyes ( a little bit of green eyed monster) but she really controls it and seems to really understand that we adore her and that there is enough love for all.

She is the type of child that approaches other children that she knows and takes her brother by the hand to introduce him to them. "Say hi to my brother, his name is Ethan." If by chance they do not answer in a nanosecond she turns to me and says "please tell them to say hi to my brother or he will be sad!" She also hugs and kisses him hello and goodbye every day and on her own without provocation.

She approaches children on the playground that she does not know in order to say hi and to tell them her name. Unfortunately, some do not respond in kind. You never see her look sadder than when a child does not return her attempts at friendship. She always asks me why they are not talking to her.

She adores her family and closest friends that are like family. She loves nothing more than to have her crew close by. When I asked her where she wanted to do for her 4th birthday party that is upcoming in a couple of months, she told me that she wanted it at home with a Princess cake, that was it. I asked her who she wanted to come and she named us, both of her brothers and Judy, her grandparents, Aunt Jane, Uncle Steve and Sam, Marc's Uncle Howard and both sets of godparents (The "P" Family and Kira with her hubby Dennis.) That is her happiness, those that she loves. She has many other friends but Katie likes things simple and does not like huge parties like her mama does ;0)

The reason that I thought to write this post today was because of the example of her sweetness that I will end the post with. This morning as we were getting ready for school we told Katie to choose something to bring in to school for "Show and Share." She chose to bring in a page of stickers that she had just received from us. She wanted to pass them out to all of her friends. Off, she and Marc went to school and when they walked in they found that there was a new little girl by the name of Sasha in her class today. Katie immediately said hi and asked her to play. When Marc went back to get her he was told that Katie had passed out her stickers during "Show and Share" and when she got to Sasha she gave the little girl two stickers and told her "Here is an extra sticker for "Gratulations" for your first day of school"

If there were more of that in the world it would sure be a wonderful place. I want to be just like Katie Starr when I grow up!


Gail said...

I love the title of this post, it describes your girl perfectly. I have a really strong feeling that she is a lot like you Lori. Like momma like daughter. :)

Doug and Terrye said...

I'm sure that sweet little Katie Star had a wonderful teacher...Mommy! ;)

Terrye in FL

Diana said...

She is a special little girl!!! You can tell of the things you write about her:)
I think Gratulations might be my "new word" as I love it!!!

Linda Louie said...

nana said

you know i do not like to blog, but when you talk about katie my heart swells with such love for her.When we picked ethan up from china, she ran to him before we got to him and she took out her "cherrios" to share with him. there is such a love between the two of them, they are both so delicious.

Love Nana

Vivian M said...

Awww, she really is a special little girl and we are glad we have the priviledge of watching her grow and blossom.

M3 said...

Beautiful post -- she is such a sweetheart and I love to hear about the wonderful things she says and does. I want to be just like her when I grow up too!

Angel said...

How sweet is she? That is a lovely post and you are very blessed to have such a sweetie.

Lisa~~ said...

You do have a real sweetie there!

Tammie said...

Of course you know that Katie Starr has a huge fan base in our house! She is a sweet & darling girl. I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't respond her to warmth & light. (Sort of like her mommy & daddy.)

Dawn said...

I wish there were more Katie Starr's in this world. It would be a really beautiful place to live.
She is very special and so very sweet.

Candy said...

Katie is a very sweet, kind little girl that always has a smile upon her face. Many people should take a lesson in kindness from her. Keep smiling, it looks great on you! Love Ya! Candy, David & Rachel

We5Chois said...

Katie Starr, you are an example to us all. I hope many more people in the world grow up to be just like you. Of course, there will always only ever be one true Starr!

You make the world a better place just by being in it. Love you sweetie pie. Hugs to you and Ethan.