Wednesday, April 08, 2009

What the "TRUCK" is going on around here?!?

Ethan has been talking up a blue streak, which of course we are all quite thrilled about. Lately though, he has taken a liking to trucks and talks about them constantly. Our mischief man cannot pronounce the "Tr" and it sound like a "F". That has made life pretty darn funny and a little inappropriate, if I do say so myself.

Ethan: "Look at that big *UCK!!" "I love a big *UCK!" "Mommy, "I see a fire *uck."

These statements and many more are literally screamed at a very high decibel level as our cutie patootie is quite the "Loud Talker"! If that was not bad enough we have big sis correcting him constantly....

Katie Starr: "Ethan it is a TRUCK not a *UCK!!" "Mom, Ethan keeps calling TRUCKS *UCKS, why can't he say it right?. Of course, our usually "Low Talker" daughter screams these statements out at piercing volume levels.

Now of course, being the great mommy that I am, I have to ask Ethan to say "TRUCK" for all of my friends and relatives to hear for themselves. As one of my friends recently commented on facebook, at this point I should probably put on Depends daily as my life is spent trying not to pee my pants while I hold in the laughter.


PIPO said...

I am definitely laughing at you....until my turn arrives ;0)

Candy said...

Oh my! What more can I say?

Tammie said...

Gotta tell ya Lori, that boy of yours is a hoot. Deborah couldn't stop talking about how cute Katie Starr & Ethan are. Of course, who am I to argue? When he screamed it out the other night, I almost peed my pants! I may need to borrow some Depends myself.

Love Letters To China said...


I still remember my cousin saying the same exact thing some 30+ years ago. We used to egg her on so she would constantly say the word. Too funny!

Dawn said...

Oh poo, I wanna hear him say gotta video tape it for me pwease, pwease, pwease.
He, he, he.

Tamara said...

Ogre used to say the same thing! Goose said Fok for fork. We don't ask for them in restaurants.
Life is full of laughter!!!!

Shari McConahay said...

All I can say is Ethan is the cutest little "trucker" I know! ROFL - We are so bad, I know!