Wednesday, September 09, 2009

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Sorry that it has been a week since I have updated but I know that you will forgive me when I tell you that life is just nuts lately and now to top it off Marc's dad had a huge setback a couple of days back. He was recuperating in a rehabilitation center and trying to move around again after his fall and subsequent pelvic fracture, when out of the blue he was befallen by a dangerous double hernia that obstructed his bowel. Of course he needed an emergency operation. Quite a scary proposition for such a sick man. Thankfully, he came through very well and while he is still listed as critical and in CICU, he is recuperating well and should be back on a regular floor quite soon.

Ok, now on to the follow up to Marc's cardiac catheterization. It went as well as could be expected with a little excitement thrown in for good measure. Hey, what's life lately if not exciting (smirk). The scoping showed that Marc's mitral valve is in terrible shape but they also detected that his tricuspid valve is slightly prolapsed (weakened) as well. Thankfully, his arteries were clear of any blockages so that is a real blessing. We definitely would not have wanted a bypass procedure as well.

The excitement that I referred to earlier came later in the day. Marc came through the procedure with no problems and had to lay flat on his back with a sandbag on his groin area (hmmmmm) for 6 hours to stop vascular problems. I had already been in to see Marc in recovery and saw that he was fine. The nurse came out about an hour later to tell me to go to lunch; that it would be several more hours and that everything was just fine. I came back and was happily reading the book that I had brought with me, when out came the nurse to tell me "There has been an incident." Well, those are definitely words that you never want to hear in a surgical waiting room nor was I even considering that those words were a possibility once I knew that he was "just fine." At that moment, my heart began to race and my body turned to shaky mush as the nurse told me that when they were compressing the area that the vagus nerve is in it casued a vagus reflex, which can and does happen sometimes but when it does there is a shot of a drug called atropine that the medical staff is supposed to have nearby and it was not nearby. Meanwhile, Marc lost consciousness and his blood pressure plummeted before they were able to administer the shot. They were finally able to locate the shot and thank goodness, they were able to get him revived and his BP back up. I really had a hard time getting my heart rate back to normal after hearing that one. I guess I had let my defenses down so when they told me of "the incident" it left me reeling.

It seems that our life has turned into a drama of epic proportions lately so I am really looking forward to next week, when we will consult with the surgeon up in Atlanta and then we can finally set our sights on a target date when this surgery will be done and our lives can get back to normal...whatever that is! I would so appreciate a new normal that does not include dealing with any illness whatsover, thankyouverymuch!!!

On a funny note...and with Marc there is always a funny note... During the Pre-Operative process the nurse needed to shave Marc's groin area where the catheter is inserted. As she approached him to do the deed, Marc quipped that he would like the nurse to shave "the area" in the shape of a heart for his wife. The nurse looked puzzled and then told Marc that she had never been asked that before and would have to check to see if she could do it. She then started to try to find her supervisor. Marc then had to tell her that he was just kidding. I am sure there is probably a picture of my husband in the cardiac OR,warning other nurses about my crazy hubby!

One more thing to mention...Marc's Professional Association is running a fundraiser to help our family defray the costs associated with this surgery that will not be covered by our health insurance. Unfortunately, the insurance will not cover a great deal of this and we are not in any position, since I closed my business, to be able to handle these costs. The event will be here in South Florida on October 4th. The event that the American Disc Jockey Association of South Florida is running should prove to give everyone attending an exciting afternoon and we are so grateful that they have stepped up to do this for us. It is not easy for us to accept help but we are in the unfortunate position that in order for us to have Marc get the medical help he needs we must accept help.

If you would like to attend the event, be involved with it or offer monetary assistance we are and will be forever grateful. For more information you can contact:

The America Disc Jockey Association of South Florida at:

PO Box 771222, Coral Springs, Fl 33077 and reference Help the Beat fundraiser

or you can call 954-232-6011

or email:

If you are a facebook user you can search the page "Afternoon at the Races" for more information.

Thank you from the bottom of both of our hearts for helping Marc to heal his.

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Tammie said...

Do you remember when we all thought life was boring & wanted some excitement? This is so not what we were all talking about. I pray that Marc & his dad return to better health soon. In the meantime, I'm here if you need anything.