Friday, November 06, 2009

The Dynamic Duo's Faithful Friend


Gabby was our fur baby long before the DD came into our lives. She took us by storm in January of 1998 at the tender age of 6 weeks and promptly stole our heart. I will never forget the little Chihuahua puppy fitting nicely into then thirteen year old Justin's palm.

Marc and I met the next year and into our lives came Buddy, a Miniature Pincher with big time personality! The two pooches got a long famously for the next seven years, until one week before we were scheduled to leave for China to adopt Katie. Fifteen year old Buddy, who had been previously as healthy as a horse, went into sudden Kidney failure. He passed away days later. What a sad time that was for us and for Gabby who loved Buddy so much.

We left for two weeks for our first adoption and came back with a rambunctious thirteen month old in tow. Poor Gabby was shell shocked. Remember, she had been living with three adults, one of which was away at college. Life was pretty tranquil for her but now Katie was in constant pursuit of Gabby and wanted to love on her all the time. Of course, Katie's idea of loving was a little on the rough side. Our poor fur baby sunk into a deep depression. She no longer had Buddy and now in her home came a crazy little girl who could not keep her hands off of her. She stopped eating and just moped and slept all day. We took her to the vet, who told us that she was in depression and we would need to put her on doggy Prozac if she did not perk up soon. We worked really hard to give her lots of extra TLC and keep Katie in check, which was not an easy task. Slowly, the fog lifted and our sweet little Chihuahua was back to her old self.

Fast forward eighteen months and the arrival of Ethan. We were worried about Gabby but with this addition she was much more resilient and seemed to be able to handle the newest toddler who had never seen a doggy before.

Now Gabby loves the DD very much. She is the first to run in their room each morning to greet them and sits by their side whenever she gets a chance. The DD are very good with her now as well. They love to feed her and walk her. They are very gently with her as well.

Gabby has turned around to the point that she has become their "very fierce" protector and barks and growls at anyone she does not know that comes to close to our children. Of course, the fact that she is 5 1/2 lbs. and so small in stature, most people just laugh at her. She does not seem to take notice of their amusement at all. She thinks that she is a very big girl and that they should be worried.

I love what an animal teaches children. Our DD are so compassionate and loving to animals because of their exposure to their cherished Pet. I think this translates to all living beings as well.

Gabby is not only loved by our immediate family but all of her grandparents vie for a turn with her when we go out of town. Gabby loves all of them so much that she literally cries (it's true) when she sees them.

Gabby is a very special member of our family and we all love her very much!


Tammie said...

I absolutely love have fur babies! Life without them is unimaginable.

Monica said...

I agree, in 45 years I've been without a fur baby for 2 years. They truly are gifts from the Heavens!

Funny Lori I have been thinking about a Riley post, we are on a similar wavelength!

Dawn said...

No pets here. I had pets growing up and they meant so much to all of us but I just can't do it. I don't think I will stay pet free though something is shifting.

Vivian M said...

I remember meeting Gabby for the first time, she has a scary bark!
Great picture of the little princess, by the way. :o)