Thursday, November 19, 2009

She's Back!

I actually just asked Marc if he could blog again tonight as I am neck deep in doo doo and I can't seem to find my way out. He said yes and then he laughed and told me that he was joking @*!?!%#!! That is not funny! I am thankful he took over last night as I did not get home until very late after a meeting but honestly today makes yesterday pale in comparison. Like I said, I am neck deep in paperwork from issues arising out of the closing of our business. I was also trying to conduct new business, take care of the DD and then tonight, handle three PTO related projects from both kids schools. I still need to wash my hair and it is 10:00. So of course, what else would I do at 10:00 when I should be washing my hair....blogging!!

Thanks to those who came forward and commented. It was so nice to read comments from some new friends.

To Andrea "Tweeters" ~ Thank you for following my blog. No, following it and not commenting does NOT make you creepy! I actually follow a few that I do not comment on as well ;-) I hope that you comment more now and I will definitely look at your blog later tonight after I wash my hair and long after my husband is snoring next to me!

To Gina ~ I loved that T-Shirt and also that you thought of my DD when you saw it! It actually gave me the brainstorm to design my own DD T-Shirt for my DD :) Thank you for following my blog for so long and thank you for telling me that!!

Monica, my sweet friend....I will never tell!!! Bwaahahaha!

To Kate ~ Love to hear that you have been following me and I will follow your journey as well. Whenever I see someone from across the pond come on to my blog, I am always that much more curious to know who they are so I am really glad that you spoke up!!

Dawn ~ I am glad that you enjoyed Marc's response to your question!! He is a keeper isn't he! So is your Jacob, we sure are lucky women!

Vivian ~ I have about half of my shopping done. Things that I have had for awhile. They are both pretty easy right now. With Katie, anything Barbie, Princess or Art related is the ticket. She also needs a bigger bike. The mischief man is all about cars, trains and Leggos. Justin, on the other hand is always my quandary; especially now that I know longer get a list..Judy does :)

Samantha and Woody ~ I hear ya about the feed checker. I so love getting those comments. I know that the DD will love them someday too. Thanks for hanging with me :)

Mary McG ~ You are so faithful to my blog even when I am not. Thank you! BTW, I love that idea about the bouncy ball and I will get one for both members of the Dynamic Duo!

Strange that so many of my regular peeps did not comment. There is still time though! ;-)

Hugs to all of you wonderful ladies. I have a crazy busy weekend but I will be true to my word and post each day. Sending love to all of you!

Until tomorrow...


Wanda said...

Hope you got your hair washed. I'm enjoying your daily posts. Quite a committment. Just tell us about your day.

Love Letters To China said...

I hope your work load starts to lessen and become more manageable. You truly are a super woman! Loved Marc's post yesterday. I wish my hubby would be a guest blogger one day. Miss you! Hugs...

Donna said...

My husband (who I also met online) has only blogged for me once: A several day stretch during our first China trip. My arms were full of Gwen for several days and she wouldn't even let me put her down when I used the potty. Blogging was physically impossible. I wish he'd blog more because he's an AMAZING writer. Much better than me!

We married great guys, huh!


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Shelby said...

Sorry you are so swamped with work and well, everything else.

I really don't have a questions for ya, but I do agree with Marc, you are one terrific lady!!