Saturday, December 12, 2009

My mind cannot even go to that dark place

My friend Kira called me today, totally upset and beside herself with what she had just witnessed. After hearing the following scary tale, I decided that it was an important story to share.

Kira was at a local Wal M*rt and was standing in line waiting to return an item that she had purchased. All of the sudden, she saw a little girl that she estimated to be no older than 3 years old; lost and crying. An employee was called to the scene and began to make attempts to call the mom or guardian to the front of the store via the intercom system. This went on and on for some 15 to 20 minutes and of course the child was very scared and upset. At this point an older man walked up and claimed to be the little girl's grandfather. The child seemed to not know him and when he tried to call her to him, she did not want to go. The employee refused to let the man take the girl with him as she had no way to know that she was really her grandfather, as he was claiming. At this point the mother finally walked up and the child went running to her immediately. This woman did not seem the least bit frantic or upset that her daughter had been missing for all of that time. She just basically wanted to take her child with her and move on after confirming that there was no grandfather with them....not so fast! While this was happening the man slipped away. Other employees were sent to look for him and the police were called, both to try to locate this man and to determine the fitness of the mother.

How horrifying is that!! This man, if left to his own evil agenda, would have taken this little girl and I do not even want to think of the outcome!! The mother, in my opinion, was more than just negligent, she was complicit in the unknown outcome. I pray that their situation is carefully scrutinized!

All of the people that were standing by were horribly upset. Kira said it was a terrible scene that she will never forget.

Thank G-d that this innocent being was kept safe. This man was laying in wait for the right opportunity and he almost found it. If this child had been one that willingly went with people that she did not know......well, the thought of that is mind boggling and tears sting my eyes at the thought of it.

I know that you all understand why I am sharing this and will continue to take the steps necessary to protect your child(ren) as well as any precious and innocent child in your care that cannot protect themselves. Their well being and even their lives depend on it.


Candy said...

What a horrifying incident.

Monica said...

This scares the cr*p out of me as Katie will go to other people, especially those she deems Grammy friends. This is one of the hidden dangers of attachment issues & something I don't easily dismiss.

Invisible Hands said...

Very scary story! I can't believe the mother took so long to collect her child. I mean, didn't she NOTICE she was alone? Crazy time of year, that's for sure.

Diana said...

And what gets me is we had to go through HOW MANY HOPS to adopt and others just keep having them!!!
I have always said if everyone had to do what we did BEFORE we could become a parent there would be far less mistreated children in the world.

Mary McG in TN said...

Lori, True story. MANY years ago (teaching second grade) the principal came over the intercom and asked me to send a student to the office, that her father was there to pick her up. The child immediately started crying. I told the principal that I would not send her. The principal told me to send her. Where upon I told him that if he wanted her that he would have to come and remove her from my room that she was crying and did not want to go. He did. The 7 year old was missing for 2 weeks. I FINALLY got her back. You know, I have read that one is promoted to their highest level of incompetence. Thank God the little girl at Wal Mart MIGHT be safe!

Mama Duck said...

I have cold chills thinking about this story...good grief! And the story in Mary's comment...I can't imagine what kind of school that is. Wouldn't happen like that in my school, I can guarantee you.

Vivian M said...

And this is why we have had many, many talks with Kerri. It is a sad world we live in. I am glad the employees did the right thing.

Tammie said...

Horrible. Bone chilling. Terrifying. For the child, the witnesses & the employee.

David & I work endlessly with Erin on this topic. It is one of the reasons that she is enrolled in karate. Her Hebrew school teacher is doing a pen pal project with other 2nd graders in Israel. She needed a signed permission slip for each child to participate. Erin is not doing this.

We also do not give permission to every Tom, Dick & Harry to photograph her. No one other than her karate school & some very dear friends have permission to use her pictures on the web.

Paranoid? Yes. In these times, we need to be vigilant.

Donna said...

It's my worst nightmare. I've lost Gwen once in the mall and I think that 5 minute experience aged me 25 years.

Yesterday, I was at Target and a little boy - about 5 years old - started frantically calling for his mother. The male checker, trying to be funny, chuckled and said "Oh, she left!" and the little boy looked absolutely devastated. Uh, needless to say, I lit into him (big time!) and the little boy found his mommy.

But back to your story... you might be surprised to know that people who are sexually interested in children are just about everywhere. They make up a significant portion of the population so it's likely that there are one or two in any crowded store. Of course, like most people with deviant sexual proclivities, they don't troll for victims. But some do.

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Teresa said...

Many years ago, my husband witnessed a little 4 year old boy at the local carnival who was lost and crying. My husband found the nearest police officers and watched as the officers eventually found the drunk mother who turned around, smacked the child and said, "where the h*** have you been?" It took one of the officers to hold the other one back.

Diana's right. Parents should have to prove the same competencey as adoptive parents just to have children. Gah!

So glad the employess were on the ball. Wish they had been able to find this, uh, "grandfather."