Saturday, February 20, 2010

Enjoying a little family time

It was a beautiful day in South Florida; absolutely perfect in every way. After I finished showing property this morning, we decided to take the DD to the park so that they could play and ride their bikes.

We had such a lovely time for 99% of visit, with the one blip on the radar being that that Katie almost drove her bike into the lake and only avoided it by falling down a steep embankment face first before hitting the water. You should have seen Marc and I running after her and were very grateful that we all did not end up in that water and that she did not get really hurt. She was a trooper and after crying for about 30 seconds, got right back up on that bike and began riding again after I suggested that she should do that. Ethan was still mulling the whole scene over tonight and actually came out to discuss it with us after he was supposed to be in bed, which never occurs with our champion sleeper.

Here are a few pics from the day. Happy Weekend!
















Tammie said...

What a day! Full of fun once your scare was over.

Love the pics!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

What a beautiful day to be outdoors!! So sorry to hear about Katie's little tumble, but as you said, it could have been much worse.....thank goodness she did not go in the water!!!

It looks like the kids had a fabulous time....what cute pictures!! I love the last two with them giggling...also the one where they are on top of the bleachers walking towards each other......ADORABLE!!!

Have a wonderful week!!



Love Letters To China said...

OMG... I'm so glad she's alright! We don't have any parks around here with lakes/canals. I can only imagine the feeling you both had when you were watching this transpire.

After all that excitement, you really did get amazing photos! I agree with Lisa, the ones on the bleachers and giggles are wonderful!

Talk to you soon...


Colleen said...

Ok Lori...way to go!!! A perfect day...blah blah blah...I'm boxing up my weather and sending it to you...why you ask??? Because I love you so much and I have evil horns...

And look at those stinkin adorable babies....are they the cutest little Panda's ever!!! Why are our babies growing so fast??? sniff sniff.

And look at you rocking the lens!!!! You are awesome girl!!!

Vivian M said...

The last two pictures are my fav! Thank goodness the lake was avoided and Katie was not hurt!

Bella Parties with Lisa said...

Sounds like a great day, and boy did you catch some beautiful shots!