Friday, February 12, 2010

Seems that our girl likes a little bit of power

Katie was voted President of her Preschool class today.

This bit of info was passed on by Katie's teacher when Marc picked her up from school. From what I can gather from my husband, who does not ask nearly enough questions for my liking, the teacher asked who wanted to run for President. Katie and her friend Marissa both raised their hands and placed their hats in the ring for the position. They had to tell the other children why they should be the one to be elected. Katie got up and told all of her classmates that if she was elected President, she would bring love and peace to the earth! (kinda sounds more like she wanted to be Miss America to me ;-) Then they had a secret vote carried out by each child whispering in the teachers ear who they wanted to vote for. Katie won!! Marissa was designated the assistant to the President...uh, I think that is the job of vice president, right?!?

Katie was quick to tell me that all of her friends that like playing with her on the playground voted for her and that now she was just like Barack Obama!

After the vote was over, it was time to parade through the school for Chinese New Year. How American is it!

Katie was the line leader since she was President and her "D'sistant" walked behind her since she is the "D'sistant!" Katie harped on that point several times. It seems she liked that little bit of power.

Gosh, I hope the next command that I hear is not "Off with her head!" after I tell Madame President to got to bed.


Teresa said...

That was one heck of a campaign promise! If anyone can do it, though, she can!

Congratulations Katie!

Vivian M said...

Congrats Miss President!

Mary McG in TN said...

I love it! She has the right idea!

Tammie said...

Woo Hoo! Go Katie Starr!

Candy said...

I'm sure Katie will be a wonderful President, if she takes after her mommy.