Monday, February 08, 2010

We "Heart" Kisses

MM and Aunty jane

This is my submission for the We "Heart" Kisses photo challenge on the I "Heart" Faces Blog. This photo was actually taken before I started taking photography lessons, so it is taken in Auto mode and was not necessarily composed that well but I love it anyway.

This is a pic of my sister Jane and my baby boy kissing. Since the moment that my sister set eyes on Ethan for the first time, she has had a major "thing" for him...she is a total softy when it comes to our boy. There is no real reason could be his soulful look or those pouty lips or even his amazing zest for life. Whatever it is, I think you can see their connection in this shot.

Jane loves her some Ethan and our mischief man loves him some Aunty Jane. There is no way to miss that by looking at this picture.

For some other great kissing photos, please take a look at I "Heart" Faces.


Tiffany said...

Oh, this is so wonderfully sweet! I just love the smitten look on your boy's face!!

Tammie said...

What a marvelous picture!

Vivian M said...

Love it!!