Friday, April 30, 2010

Not breathing too easily around here!

Just a quick update to let you know what has been happening around the "Stress" household. I can tell you that what there has not been a lot of and that is "easy breathing!" Katie's asthma has been acting up and it has been a really tough week for her and for all that love her.

About ten days ago, she started in with the early signs of an asthma flare up and we immediately began the prescribed regimen of breathing treatments. It continued on in a very mild form for a couple of days until a week ago Friday evening when she had a severe attack overnight into Saturday morning which would not abate. Marc rushed her to the ER and for the next few hours I was a freaking mess while I waited for her at home as Ethan was sleeping, willing her to get the breathing under control which they did with a steroid shot. They sent sent her home with heavier meds. She was actually sent home on my birthday which we celebrated by the children giving me the gifts that they had lovingly chosen for me in the wee was so sweet.

At about the same time I contracted an upper respiratory infection; which over this past week was made worse by stress and lack of sleep, since Katie's asthma was not going anywhere fast. This past week has brought three more doctor appointments; two for her and one for me. Her meds have been changed again and we are hoping for the best tonight. Asthma is relentless at night. To complicate matters, I was diagnosed with walking Pneumonia after I realized that I was not breathing too easily either.

Thank goodness for the loving men here at "Stress", especially the older one, who as always is a pillar of strength and love. My amazing husband, who is such a beautiful father, actually took our daughter to school today since she has been begging to go all week and came back two hours later to give her a breathing treatment. This all so that she could stay and have lunch with her friends. I am so grateful to have a man like that.

Next week we have an appointment with a Pediatric Pulmonologist who we have heard is excellent and can hopefully help us better understand the triggers and how to control Katie's asthma.


It is horrible thing to watch your child not be able to catch her breathe. I pray that her suffering abates soon and she can once again enjoy her days and sleep all night.


Love Letters To China said...

I hope and pray your sweet little Katie starts feeling better soon. I hate to hear that she is suffering. Take care of yourself too!


Tammie said...

I am ao sorry that Katie Starr has to deal with this awful asthma. I'm hoping that the new dr will be able to offer some good insight for you.

If you need me for anything, I'm around the corner. Hugs!

Vivian M said...

I am hoping the pulmonologist can pinpoint the trigger(s) so Katie can breathe easy again.
We are going through the same thing, Kerri is being referred for allergy testing (and they will probably put her on Singulair). It seems the nights are always worse for Kerri.
Hope you are feeling better too! And we are both very lucky to have wonderful husbands :o)
Sending you all huge hugs and prayers that things get better real soon.

Diana said...

I went through this with my youngest and I so understand how you feel..nothing worse then watching them "try" to breathe. About 11 be grew out of most of it..praying Katie does too!!

M3 said...

Oh man, sending you guys all huge hugs and good thoughts and hoping the pediatric pulmonologist can work wonders. Please take good care of yourself and I hope they gave you some good stuff that will knock that walking pneumonia on its butt!

Donna said...

I can't imagine how horrible it would be to not be able to breathe. And how helpless you must feel looking at her and seeing her distress and not being able to do much to help. My heart aches for you all!

I hope Katie is feeling better soon and I hope you're feeling better too!

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Mary McG in TN said...

Feels like a month of Sundays since you posted. I hope that you all are in good health and enjoying the warmer weather!