Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We are surrounded by love

I cannot explain to all of you how it feels to have so many friends and family buoy us up, support our cause to fund the research for a cure and make so many amazing offers to our daughter and our family. Quite simply, it is humbling.

We have had offers from friends to come for a visit to beautiful places all over the globe so that Katie can see brand new vistas that will sear into her mind's eye.

We have had friends do fund raising in their places of business for The Foundation Fighting Blindness in honor of Katie Starr.

We have a friend who owns two optometric locations where glasses are sold, offer to give Katie her first pair of prescription sunglasses as a gift and to allow us to purchase subsequent prescriptions to her lenses at their cost.

We have had one auction run for us by a woman who makes handmade children's clothing and now another friend is going to run her own online auction to benefit the foundation.

The Foundation has received donations from friends and strangers. Every single dollar of it shines brightly because of the love of a precious girl. One woman completely took me off balance today with a sizable donation paired with a message that she has been following my blog since the beginning and wanted to help out. What a tribute to our girl!

We have received invaluable information from many people and connections with other people that will prove very important to have in the future.

Our temple even made a decision, without our knowledge, to donate all of the money that they receive for Tzedakah from the preschool and religious school children for the entire school year and donate it to Foundation fighting Blindness in honor of our Starr.

Finally, I have asked over and over via facebook and the blog for help in getting the word out and each time dozens of our friends have answered the call to continue to spread the word; even at the risk of losing friendships from all of the messages. I have asked friends to blog about it and they have happily complied! Many friends are even walking with us and that means so much to us. We are truly soldiers fighting a war against time and I know that we can win it.

There are even more beautiful stories, these are just a sampling. We are completely overwhelmed!!

After this walk is over on October 23rd, I have even bigger plans for the next go round. The next event will be exciting, fun, memorable and it will bring us even closer to a cure.

Thank you all so much...I can never say it enough times and someday our daughter will not only know how many lives that she has touched but will also see how many have touched hers. My prayer is that she be able to look you all in the eye and see your beautiful faces when she thanks you. We are doing everything in our power to ensure that it happens!


Vivian M said...

I am so glad you have turned this into a positive and have an army of love surrounding you all. And I never doubted you would.
Now I need more tissues.
Sending you all love and hugs across the miles.

Love Letters To China said...

You are an inspiration to me. I am always in awe of how you can turn a horrific situation in to a positive. I never get tired of seeing your FB posts. Keep them coming! I have a very good feeling about this.

Hugs to you....

Tammie said...

The fact there are people who want to join you in this war doesn't surprise me one bit. You & Marc are amazing people - loving, caring, leading by example, etc. The love that is shown towards Katie Starr is not only an example of how people care for her parents but that she inspires each of us in her goodness.

ZhangshuMom said...

Lori: It is when times get really tough that you find out who your friends are! You saw it with Marc. And again with Big Al. We showed you we loved you by embracing Justin's marriage and passing his bar exam! You are so loved, respected and admired by me and many others! We are all here for you during this time and always!

Love ya, Donna and Catherine

Anonymous said...

Lori, we love you all so much!...and best of all G-d loves you with all His heart!!!

Isaiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you says The Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. To give you a good hope and future.

Judy said...

Hi Lori, I've been checking in to see how things are progressing. You guys are a strong team and I'm confident that you will get through whatever comes your way. You are an inspiration to me! Sending you big hugs from across the globe!

Amy P. said...

I have been following your awesome blog for years and I love it. I am praying for your beautiful Katie Starr.

A fellow China mom,
Forever Family Day 05-12-08 Guangzhou, China