Thursday, September 09, 2010

The word is getting out!

I have been sharing the link to our 5K walk team for the Foundation Fighting blindness constantly on facebook and asking others to do the same. Each day I look at my facebook and I am humbled by the outpouring of friendship and support for Katie, us and the cause of raising money and awareness so that research can continue for Hereditary Retinal Diseases.

Two of my friends are avid shoppers of children's clothing (Mostly one of a kind handmade outfits.) Angel and Mary are fellow adoptive mamas that I have known since early 2005 when we were all just beginning the journey of adoption. They have always been there for us as friends and it did not surprise me one bit that they would be kind enough to post my link on their facebooks. One of their posts caught the attention of Ashley Hackshaw, the owner of
Lil Blue Boo , an online boutique specializing in one of a kind handmade children's clothing. Ashley, who obviously has as big of a heart as her talent, offered to auction off one of her beautiful handmade creations on behalf of Katie Starr to help fund this cause.

My lucky Starr is the name of her creation and there have already been 18 bids on it! It still has 4 days to go. Please take a look at it as well as all of Ashley's beautiful clothing. This is a woman who gives back and she should reap rewards for her kindness.

We are so touched and honored by all of the amazing people in our lives. Thank you to those that have extended themselves in love from the bottom of our hearts!


Chasing Dreams Photography said...

what a beautiful dress...and what special friends you have {{{{{hug}}}}}
I'm so happy to hear that the word is spreading....: )

Keep talking....soon everyone will be fighting right along side you.

Julie said...

Oh how I wish I could still squeeze KC into a 4T

Tammie said...


You & your family inspire love & friendship. The fact that your friends are standing up & taking part in your fight is no surprise to those of us who love you guys. We are all determined to help you preserve Katie Starr's vision.