Sunday, October 10, 2010

Friends Helping Friends

I have had so many friends reach out to help fund raise in addition to other kind offers. Thank you to each and every one of you. Right now there are two opportunities to help by purchasing items.

The first is made possible by my friend Heather. Heather is an adoption friend with two beautiful daughters. She and I met online back in 2005 while we waited for her Abigail (Abba) and my Katie Starr. As you know Katie is from the city of Wuwei in Gansu Province China. Heather's second child, who she adopted a couple of years later is Kaylyn, who is also from Wuwei! Believe me when I tell you that this is not at all common. Gansu province is one of the rarest places in China to adopt from and Wuwei is even rarer. Our Wuwei girls have drawn these two Panda sisters even closer :)

Heather has decided to auction many gently used (with love) items that were both handmade and store bought to benefit the Foundation Fighting Blindness. What a beautiful effort and we are so very grateful. The auction ends October 12th and you can check it out here. Thank you Heather!

The other shopping opportunity is made possible by my dear friend Minouche. Minouche is also a friend that was made through the adoption world. We are a part of the same FCC group and we have grown to be close and trusted friends. She is such a supportive person and so it came as no surprise to me when she decided to donate 10% of the proceeds of some of her clothing line from her Online Etsy Shop, Yaya Kids Couture to the Foundation Fighting Blindness. Yaya is the pet name of her beautiful daughter, who our family loves very much.

She has a back to school clothing line as well as a Hanukkah line. Here is her Facebook Page, where you can purchase the clothing on sale this week. If you are not on facebook, then just email her though her Etsy site and she will give you the promotional price and will make the donation to the foundation. Thank you Minouche!

Here is Katie modeling one of Minouche's beautiful creations. You can be sure that she will be wearing this beauty this holiday season :)

The friends that I have made through the adoption world, both in person and online are very treasured. They have proven their friendship time and again. I know that they are all in this with us for the long haul.....until a cure is found.

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