Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy 3 Years Ethan!

It has been three years since we adopted our sweet mischief man in China. On October 29th, 2007, we entered the JiangXi Civil Affairs Office and were shocked to find a very fragile, weak and quite delayed little guy waiting for us. He was so afraid and we were very afraid as well. Somehow and someway, day by day, we were able to help our little guy get healthy and strong. We were able to give him the tools to transform into the amazing little boy who has completed our family. As much as we gave to Ethan, he gave us so much more. He gave us a stronger will, courage to face the unknown and the gift of watching one of the strongest and most resilient children that we have every known. He has beaten the odds and he continues to surprise us daily with every new milestone reached.

There are still remnants of the damage that was done to his psyche through his neglect in China but we can see that he feels very loved and mostly secure that we will always be there for him...always and forever. We pray that someday it all falls away but even if it does not, we do know that his future is very bright!

Happy 3 years Ethan Frederick Zhiqing! We love you with every fiber of our being; just as we do your sister and brother.

Always and Forever,
Mom and Dad


dawn said...

An amazing little man he is indeed. Happy anniversary of the day that changed your world.

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

Happy 3 years {{{{{hug}}}}}} He is so gorgeous!!! I remember the day so clearly when Ethan entered your life...He has come such a long ways in 3 yeas....
Happy family day!!

Tammie said...

The day Ethan came into his forever family changed many lives. The first picture of you guys all together stays in my mind always. I have never seen Erin so focused on another little one the way she is with "her Ethan."

Your mischief man & his resilience is proof that miracles do happen.

Vivian M said...

Happy three years!

Donna said...

It's amazing how quickly you transformed this child into the exuberant and joyful little man that he is!

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

masra 41 said...

hi lori,
i stumbled upon your blog tonight while looking for families that have adopted from china whose children have aniridia. my daughter, dani, adopted june 2008, has anirida. would love to touch base with you.
take care,
chris fraser