Sunday, January 23, 2011

Closing Day!

My kids have just closed on their first home.
I had the good fortune to be not only the Realtor who facilitated the purchase of the home but also the photographer at the closing table.

There are lots of great deals out there but getting them closed is much more of challenge than ever. 
Thankfully, good things come to those who wait and are patient.

My belief is that life hands you sweet moments; moments that are pure joy!
I am thankful that I was a part of their joy today.





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I think that my son looks very "lawyerly" here!

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Congratulations to Justin and Judy.  May your life be filled with many joyful moments!

PS  A special thank you to my dear friend Kira who was the closer on this transaction.  She was amazing! 


Love Letters To China said...

Congratulations J&J!!! Your photos speak volumes of the excitement they must have been feeling on this special day.

dawn said...

Aww, I have never seen a closing quite so beautiful. Congrats to J and J.

Tammie said...

Mazal tov to J & J!! There are few things as special as going to closing on your very first home. How cool that you were able to snap away while Kira did the closing.

Diana said...

Congratulations to both of them and how WONDERFUL to be there to take this pictures..there truly is nothing like buying your first house:)
New baby??

Gail said...

What a wonderful first for them both! Congratulations!!! And how awesome that you could capture it for them. :)

Vivian M said...

Congratulations to Justin and Judy on their first home together! Mazel Tov!