Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Another Installment of: Out of the Mouths of Babes!

Last evening Katie was walking past the TV and saw a report on the news about gay marriage.  She blurted out,  "Hey, that's crazy...that one dude is marrying that other dude!'  "How are they going to have babies?"

Beyond the huge issues at hand with these statements, all we could do was to try our best to stifle our laughter, since what hit our funny bone was the use of the word "Dude!"  I did not even know she had ever heard that retro word! 

Once I collected myself from the hilarity of it all, I responded by telling her that the purpose of marriage was not necessarily to make babies.  Since her knowledge on this subject is sketchy at best, I went right on to the second item on the agenda, which was gay love and marriage.  I explained that most of the time women and men fall in love and that sometimes, men fall in love with men and that women fall in love with women.  I said that love is love and that all love is OK.

I did not get into it any deeper than that... she is 6 and that was quite enough!  I wasn't even going near adoption and gay marriage.  That is for another day and time in the future!  

All I gotta say is Wow dude...that Katie Starr is too much!

Oh and one more thing..now I can't stop calling everyone in the house...Dude!

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Christina said...

HAHA! That story cracks me up! Very well handled, mom :)