Saturday, November 05, 2011

To Do List

Making a list may help to keep me on track so here is my top ten list of things to get accomplished in November besides all of the usual stuff:

1) Complete my blog a day project for the Month of November...even if it kills me!
2) Organize my desk at home, which has reached epic status...and not in a good way!  My closet as well!
3) Begin holiday shopping.  That takes money so it may not happen until December.
4) Get back to my photography, which has taken a back seat to my other obligations.
5) Plan some time away with Marc for early next year.  We desperately need it.
6) Prepare for our annual garage sale in December. (Our trash is your treasure ;-)
7) Buy some new shoes...mama really needs a new pair!  This also reminds me that the kids need cleats for soccer.  **Mama may not get her new shoes.
8) Go through the kids stuff before the holidays and pare it all down to what is actually still being worn and used (see #6)
9) Work my ass off to get my final tally up for the Vision Walk on November 12th!
10) Find some "me" time!  (This one hardly seems possible)

What's on your to do list this month?


Tammie said...

Don't laugh. I'd like to actually find out why Blogger isn't let me blog. I've been having problems loading pics & got discouraged. I can't even leave comments on most blogs.

Vivian M said...

Lori, I think we all have similar lists, except yours seems a bit more ambitious than mine, lol.

Tammie, try using a different browser, like Firefox.