Saturday, November 12, 2011

What a beautiful day!

Today was the day that we had been anticipating for quite some time.  I fund raise for the Foundation Fighting Blindness all year round but the Vision Walk is a marker from year to year of how far we have to go.

We awoke to a truly brilliant day.  The weather was sunny and the temperature was a bit chilly when we woke up but warmed up in no time and made it just about perfect.  We quickly prepared the children and gathered our supplies, made a food run and high tailed it to the park.  Once there, Marc set up a table with all of the T-Shirts for The Katie Starr Team and we began to greet our team members.  Family and friends started drifting in and before we knew it we were overwhelmed once again by the number of people who came to support our mission.  We gave out 85 T-Shirts to our team members!!

It was then time to get up on stage and thank everyone for coming as well as all of the sponsors.  I spoke a little about why I have thrown my support behind the FFB and then we had a pep rally of sorts.  We ended the formalities and quickly took pictures.  My dear friend Grace was the official Vision Walk Photographer and she was just amazing.  I cannot wait to see all of the wonderful shots that she took!!

The corporate people took me up to the front so that our family could cut the ribbon and begin the walk....and then we were off!!

Katie Starr, Ethan and their friends took the lead on their razor scooters and the rest of us happily took up the rear by foot.   As I walked, I jockeyed between several groups of people.  It was so nice to be able to talk to so many who came out as we followed the path.  I was so touched by the people who happily walked to help the cause and our precious girl.  I even got some fun walk time in with my big guy Justin and my daughter in law Judy.  It was wonderful!

Once we were done and our thank you's were spoken, several of us stayed around and picnicked in the park.

There were other happy surprises as well today.  Marc's cousins from New Jersey were in town and they came with a dear mutual friend and walked with us; which was totally unexpected.  Also, our dear friends, Ken and JoAnn from Chicago were also in town and totally shocked us by coming and walking with us.

Of course, the real reason that we do this is to raise awareness and money.  The Katie Starr Team was the #1 Team in South Florida and when the final count is done next week we should top $10,000.00!!  I am so thankful for all that came out in support of us again this year.  We were missing some friends from last year as this seemed to be a busy weekend for many but we know that many of those friends will be out again, walking by our side, if they are able to next year.

Raising funds for research is a year round business and although this one day has passed, our mission has not.  The fiscal year does not end until June of 2012 for this walk season, so my work is not complete.

The link is available and I will post it from time to time.

There is no way I will rest until they can find the answers and develop treatments or even a cure for hereditary blindness.  Our daughter's sight and ten million other's depend on that!

P.S.  I hope to have some pictures posted very soon!

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