Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Bad new and good news.....

First the bad news.... Marc was working from home today and had gone out for an hour. He came back and found that the front part of the house was flooded. All the way from the kitchen to the front door. It seemed at first as though a pipe had burst somewhere around or under the house because as fast as he would wet vac and mop it up, the water would be back just as high. We called the plumber who had just been there 2 days before to change our toilets. He came within an hour (thank goodness) and found that the water line into the refrigerator was leaking in the wall and the water was escaping to anywhere it could find to flow. When he pulled out the cabinets he found that the builder had put a screw through the water line and all of these years (11) the screw had sealed the hole but began to rust and finally this morning it gave way in a big way. Now all of the cabinets need to be replaced as well as the drywall behind it and possibly the floor because so much water got under the tile. Ughhhhhh! The plumber will be back tomorrow to replace the line and then we have to deal with the insurance company.

Now the good news that puts it all into perspective. Today all of our adoption documents are done and Pam is sending them all to our agency. I am hoping that the case manager will ship them to China with this weeks batch but it may have to wait until next Friday.

Also, Justin will be home this weekend for a week between his two terms and we are so looking forward to seeing him!

I will tell you about the walk-a-thon on the next post because this one is already a little long winded. Bye for now...

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Heather said...

Congratulations on getting your dossier set off! What a huge step!! I hope the wait to referral goes very quickly for you.

Your blog looks great; I love the color.