Saturday, April 23, 2005


Yesterday was a milestone as we sent the last of all of the documentation to Pam, our dossier specialist. She will complile everything into the Dossier and it should be sent to China either 4/29 or 5/6. It was a big step to get this paperchase behind us.

All of this happiness coincides with my (Lori's) 44 th Birthday. Now of course anyone who really knows me knows how much I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY!! To celebrate we are heading over to Marco Island and will spend the night. My best friend Kira and her husband Dennis will join us along with 2 other friends of ours, Robert and Alicia.

The day will begin though by walking in a walk-a-thon for The Half The Sky Foundation. This foundation benefits the orphans waiting for a home in China. Marc and I have raised almost $700.00 in pledges for this event and I feel that it will be very special to walk in solidarity for these children on my birthday. If you would like more information please click on the following link

One our next post we will let you know how the walk-a-thon went. Until then........

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