Friday, March 03, 2006

Woooohoooo! Another Piece of the Puzzle

We still have not received our daughter's picture but what we did receive today was her translated growth report. This report outlines her life from the time that she was abandoned until seven months old. She is now 10.5 months old. I won't discuss the particulars of her abandonment as that is her private story that her family will share with her one day when she is ready to know about it. When and if she feels that she can share that with others will be up to her.

Her growth report states that Katie Starr laughs a lot, likes touching, shaking and throwing things..oh boy!! She loves eating and gets excited when she sees food (like her mother) She likes to clap her hands and loves the outdoors. She sleeps deeply for 12-15 hours daily!!! She was sitting on her own at six months and crawling at 7 months old. The most wonderful thing as far as we are concerned is that she has been in foster care since she was 4 months old. We are overjoyed to hear that!! When we read all of the information I began to shake and did so for quite awhile. It is so moving to know so much about our little girl and unfortunately she is so far away from us. It may also take us quite awhile to travel as we have to have original documents in order to accept the referral and while DHL is still looking for them the CCAA is trying to reconstruct the packages and get new pictures to us. This may take quite awhile. Patience is something that every adoptive parent must learn if it is not already a natural virtue of theirs. Patience was never a virtue of mine so the last 14 months has trained me well...LOL


Monica said...


Katie Starr sounds fabulous! Hope you have good running shoes, it certainly looks like you may need them. I hope DHL finds those packages soon & it doesn't hold you up.

By the way, what's patience? ;D


Kim M. said...

Congrats!! I can't wait to see her picture. Nice Blog!

Angel said...

Patience is really kicking my rear, Lori!

Love ya!