Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Saga Continues....

This morning we received the good and the bad news. The good news is that DHL found 38 of the lost dossiers; the bad news is that 26 are still missing. Tomorrow the package arrives at our agency's headquarters and then by early afternoon we will hear whether we are in the fortuate 38 or whether we are two time losers...LOL. You have to keep laughing I say!! I hope to be able to report that tomorrow is the day that we see Katie Starr for the first time and begin the process of accepting her referral.

I have posted before about the kind of friends that Marc and I have made though this journey. Yesterday, came another shining example of the type and quality of people that are creating their families through adoption. I told my FCC Group that since I was probably not going to be able to bring Katie Starr's picture to our monthly dinner on Thursday that I would use my imagination and draw a picture of what Marc and I think that she may look like knowing that the CCAA trys to match a child to their parents. We would bring that picture to the dinner. Well, of course that brought about a flurry of comments that were touching, funny and supportive. Then comes the very best part. My good friend Shannon, who is adopting the beautiful Mia, posts to our group that she thinks that it would be wonderful if we all took part in this undertaking and at the dinner all of the attendees and their children would draw a picture of what they think Katie Starr will look like. Now, even people who will not be able to attend are taking part in this. Shannon is going to compile all of these drawings and do a scrapbook for Katie Starr to see later on. She will know how wanted she really is; not only to us but to our whole community of friends. I love my life!


M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Lori that is so cool!!!! I'm so glad you have a huge, awesome support network close by. Good friends make everything better. :-)

Monica said...


Your daughter truly is lucky to have you & Marc as her parents, not only are you great, you also have great friends!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lori and Marc,

Your posts have been heart warming. I check-in a couple of times a day to see what is going on. Today's post actually brought me to tears (joyful) when I read the last four words. You have been so optimistic...always turning something that may not be so great into something happy.
I, like everybody else, am looking forward to seeing a picture of Katie. I hope you get your good news tomorrow afternoon.


Dawn said...

I am not sure whether to honk, or to cross my fingers for you guys!
Everytime I see a DHL truck I send it evil thoughts.....then a nice thought to help find Katie Starr.
Ths is the longest labor I have ever heard of!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you today Lori.
Everything crossed!!

What wonderful friends you have.