Thursday, April 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Katie Starr!!

Today is Katie Starr's first birthday. We will celebrate it with family in her honor. We will make her a special party when she comes home but in the meantime...HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET KATIE STARR!! We love you so much and will be there very soon to bring you home forever.
Mommy, Daddy and Justin


Joshua Ruocco said...

I am sorry I missed your birthday but maybe you will be back in time to come to my birthday party, you are the first person I have invited to my 1st birthday. After all - cousins have to stick together.
Joshua David Ruocco

M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Happy birthday Katie Starr!!!!!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Happy Birthday Little Miss Katie Starr... I have been reading of the progress your mum, dad and big brother have been going through to finally get you... I am looking forward to seeing more photos/stories of you when you come back home. I am sure that when you are home that you will not only have a nice 1st birthday(belated)and not only that you will have lots of love and tons and tons of kisses... Happy Birthday... Felicity

howard said...

Dear Lori and Marc thank you for including me Thursday in celebrating Katie's first birthday celebration. All of us that love you dearly are in anticipation as you and Marc and Justin prepare to journey helf way around the world to bring Katie Starr Weinstock home to Florida. April and May should be momentous months for you ; with Lori's birthday and Justin's graduation and the journey to China for Katie Staee. Mazol Tov and Nachos. as the headlines read WELCOME KATIE STARR WEINSTOCK
Mazol Tov and Nachas.
uncle howard