Thursday, April 20, 2006

Happy Mother's Day to Me!!

Today we received our itinerary and found out that Katie Starr will be brought to us in the Civil Affairs office in Lanzhou, Gansu Province China on May 14th ****Mother's Day**** Katie Starr will be placed into our loving family and I will have my two children with me on Mother's Day!! I am so happy about that.

Here is our basic itinerary:

5/9 Depart Fl for China via Los Angeles and Guangzhou
5/11 Arrive in Beijing
5/12 - Tour
5/13 - Tour
5/14 - Depart Beijing arrive Gansu and Katie Starr Day!!
5/15 - Complete Adoption
5/16 - Shop
5/17 - Tour
5/18 - Tour
5/19 Get babies passports and depart Gansu arrive Guangzhou
5/20 Photos/Medical Exam/INS paperwork
5/21 Tour
5/22 Consulate Appt
5/23 Evening depart China to US arrive Los Angeles and stay overnight
5/24 arrive home!!

Of course in addition to all of this we will be leaving to go to Gainesville, Florida on 5/5. Justin graduates from The University of Florida on 5/6 and we arrive home on 5/7. One day home and then off to China. May is going to be quite a month for our family!


Julie said...

This is going to be the BEST Mother's Day ever for you. Enjoy!

Catherine said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Looking forward to following your journey to Katie Starr!


jolene said...

wow you are going to have the best Mother's Day...Have a great time in China....
Can't wait to meet Katie