Friday, October 27, 2006

A Week of Firsts

The past week brought several firsts for our little Miss. A week ago we went to our FCC Halloween Social Dinner and Katie got to trick or treat (OK, maybe Mommy and Daddy trick or treated but don't tell our Starr). Katie got to experience her first lollipop..mmmm... and boy did she love that. As she was sucking the color right off of that sucker she would take it out of her mouth and offer it to us and her Nana and Papa. Of course we all licked right along with her; what fun!

Katie also got to meet some new friends. Molly and her mom Anna came from Texas and Kacey and her mom Julie came from Georgia for a visit. It was so wonderful to finally have our sweet girls meet.

We attended our first FCC Playgroup and it was a blast. That is a monthly event that we will be regulars at in the future.

Last but not least is that Katie spent time with both Grandmothers without us. Katie had a great deal of separation anxiety the first few months home or maybe it was mommy and daddy's separation anxiety. We finally decided that it was time for the grandparents to take care of Katie without us or Justin around and it went very well. Katie had fun, the grandmas had fun and now the parents can rest easy when we need to leave her in their care.

I will wrap it up with the fact that we had our first post placement visit this week and our social worker feels that Katie Starr has bonded very well to us. She had a rocky start with her grief and sadness but our girl is very happy now and that makes us all very happy as well.

I have put together a slideshow of a few photos from our week of firsts...enjoy!
Click here for Slide Show


eggrolls and chopsticks said...

The photos are just beautiful. As if Katie Starr could take anything less! The one of you two in the shade is fab, I hope you framed it.

Julie said...

I'm so glad that the Starr is enjoying hanging out with the grandparents...I sure like them:)