Saturday, October 21, 2006

Bad Mama :(

I had a dream the other night that made me realize that I do not write very much about our "number one son" Justin. I dreamt that Justin started his own blog that boycotted mine because I do not write about him. Unfortunately, I am guilty of letting "the baby" steal the limelight. Even though Justin is an adult he is still my baby as well. I need to start remedying the fact that I have been so remiss.
As many of you probably remember, Justin graduated from the University of Florida and then two days later we all hopped a plane to China to adopt Katie Starr as a family. Having Justin with us in China was the best thing that could have ever happened for our family. Since there is such a huge age difference between them they would never have had the bond that they do if Justin had not experienced what we did together. He has been an amazing support to Marc and I since we have been home. Katie adores him and so do we.
Justin is working for a telecommunications company full time and is in the process of applying to law school. He took his LSAT's and he should get his score this coming week. He has been dating the same young woman for about 2 years and they have a wonderful relationship. She is still up at UF so he misses her a great deal but they do their best to visit each other and make their long distance relationship work.
Well now that I have caught you all up on our number one son; stay tuned in the next week for pictures from his birthday. He turns 22 on Halloween. He was my first treat :)


Tammie said...


While I've never met Justin in person, from everything I've heard about him, he sounds like a wonderful person. I can't wait to meet him one day soon.

Angel said...

If you do even half the job with Katie that you've done with Justin she will be amazing! Justin is such a nice young man.

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Awww. that is so sweet. I dont think he would ever boycott your blog!

Donna said...

You go mamma!! I hope I can say all this about my son in four years (he started college the day of Maddy's "Gotcha").


Double Happiness!