Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Something is rotten in Denmark if the Starr does not want to eat :(

The following post might be TMI for people with queasy stomachs...

After having raised the world's pickiest eater; my son Justin (sorry J it is the truth!) it has been absolutely wonderful to have a child that totally enjoys eating. Katie loves to eat a wide variety of things and will at least try everything that we give her. I knew immediately when she would not eat breakfast (not even a bite) that something was wrong. Mommy is always right!

She had woken up early this morning and Marc took her out of her crib and took her straight into our bed. After turning down breakfast Marc took her out of her highchair and took her in her room to undress her for her bath. That is when he smelled something BAD. He looked over and saw that she had vomited in her crib - EVERYWHERE :(

We cleaned it all up and I went to work. Later in the morning Marc called me up and said in a totally serious voice "you must come home now" I asked why and he proceeded to tell me that she had had a "man size case of diarrhea". He had heard a noise and by the time he got to her it was all the way up to her belly button and up her back inside her diaper. He of course said that he was kidding about me coming home and that he could handle everything quite fine. By the time that I came home she had been having a-- blast all afternoon and the crib had been changed once again and she had been bathed three times. Marc looked worn out and so did Katie.

Katie Starr still will not eat and is running a temp but thankfully she is drinking like a champ. We called the doctor and she told us that this tummy bug is very prevalent right now. I am sure it is in the same bug family that made our friend Lily so sick this past weekend. She said it should run it's course in a 24-48 hour period.

Told you something was rotten in Denmark or should I say South Florida.

I will keep you posted.


Beckyb said...

I am so sorry - hope all is well soon!! I have heard that bug is NASTY!!

Tammie said...

Poor Katie Starr! It's so hard to watch our babies being sick - especially when they don't really have the tools to let us know what's going on.

It sounds like Marc handled everything like a pro. What a man!

As for the tummy bug, I had it. All I can say is "UGH!"

Hope Katie Starr is feeling better soon! Watch that you guys don't catch it because this one is a real bummer.

Stacey Teague said...

Poor Katie, I hope that she is feeling better by now!!!! The funny thing is, we call it a** blast too!! LOL

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Oh yuck! So sorry this happened to her, it just stinks (pun intended!)
I hope your little Starr is back to shining brightly very soon and that Marc no longer has to deal with man size poops! (he cracks me up)

nikki said...

I'm so sorry to hear your little Starr caught that nasty bug.
Hope she is back to eating with great gusto soon.

And, that Marc sure is a trooper!

Hugs to you all!