Wednesday, December 19, 2007


This is the Yiddish term used by people in the Jewish religion that basically means that you should not be foolish enough to discuss your good fortune as it will bring about bad fortune onto you (kinda like being jinxed) If something good might happen and you dare to say it out loud, you must add a Kina-Hora at the end or the opposite will come true. I think it falls in the realm of being superstitious. I was taught it as a child and all of the Jewish families I know were also taught it as well.
The reason that I discuss Kina-Hora is that I slipped and discusses Katie's good fortune recently with her doctor as she has been with us (19 months) and has never been ill enough to go the doctor for illness or be prescribed medication. I made this statement as she was examining Ethan during his recent bout of bronchitis. She immediately told me to knock on wood (she is obviously superstitious as well). In our home growing up we not only said Kina-Hora after such a statement but we also knocked on wood and bit our tongue to cover all of the bases. I did not do any of these as if I remember correctly we were trying to keep the dynamic duo in line at that particular moment.

Well, unfortunately I have learned my lesson the hard way as now Katie is absolutely and positively the sickest she has been since we have been home. She has a bad ear infection, is totally congested with a hacking cough, has a 104 temp and is miserable in a way that I have never seen. She will not eat anything which is completely telling of her present state as this child lives to eat! Jewish guilt has set in for this mama. The above picture is our baby girl who is usually in constant motion laying down in a most unatural state for her with her sweet Chihuahua by her side.

Now someone please tell me that this was not my fault and just the fact that she picked up the bug at the Pre School that we just visited and she will be attending three mornings a week starting in January. Hmmmm maybe that was it.....
BTW, Ethan is on the mend and doing MUCH better :)


Angel said...

I hope you are feeling much better very soon!

Gracie & family

M3 said...

Oh poor sweetie!!! Sending big hugs (my girls got the same bad bug and their first ear infections--I'm guessing from preschool too. Sigh)

Heza Hekele said...

It's pre-school. The magic number is three...three colds/illnesses and then her immune system will kick into over drive and start fighting off germs and virus' before they start fighting her!

At least that has always been my experience with my son...three colds down and he's home free for the rest of the school year!

Vivian M said...

It was not you! She is allergic to school!

Kerri got sick once a month when she started attending school. Whatever one kid brought into the classroom, she picked up. Her pediatrician said it was normal, and she expected to see me once a month. I think the Mom and the pediatrician were in cahoots to keep her in business.

Sweet Katie, get well soon!!!

Tammie said...

It was absolutely the pre-school visit that did it! Since starting school, Erin has gotten sick twice a year where we have to keep her home for cuddles & love to help her get better. Because, of cours as you well know, it's the cuddles & love that help not the rest & medicine. :-)

Get well quickly Katie Starr!

Jane said...

ok, i am not going along with the crowd...Lori - you know this is all your fault...the kina hora is for real. Did you learn your lesson, Love your Jewish Sister taking the place of your jewish there, I commented :)

howard said...

one thing missing is the ta,ta uttering and spitting at the same time. I grew up the same way with jewish superstition, that one day going to a sitting sheve I was never told why the mirrors are covered and after going to the bathroom, I took the towel down to look at myself. later i asked, didn,t tell anyone what I had done and felt I was now in damnation. I was haunted for years. I think seven , equal to breaking a mirror. Katie's illness is no fault of yours lori. But cover all basi anyone. and make a hefty donation to the rabbvi of your choice.
love uncle howard

kira said...

You should always knock-on-wood... no excuses. lol.


Anonymous said...

Sorry your kiddo is sick. But, look how good you had it up until now! Feel better, kiddo.

Tamara said...

I hope Katie Starr is feeling better soon- and am so glad that Ethan is feeling better already.
Always knock on wood- it is the best way to ensure that nothing bad happens.

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

OMG Your Uncle Howards comment cracked me up!

I hope your family is all mended now.

LURVE the card, thank you. You guys truly are nuts.
We love you