Sunday, December 23, 2007

Kina-Hora~Part Duex

Both kiddos are finally on the mend and we thought that now we were home free in the sleep department again; that is until my friend Kira and her hubby Dennis came over today.....

It all started out very nicely; they came to bring holiday gifts for the kiddos. We sat around and talked. Then we had lunch and played with Katie and Ethan. Now comes the part where it went all downhill. Kira and I decided to head out to the mall as soon as we put Katie and Ethan down for their nap. Kira decided to come into the bedroom with me while I was putting them down to sleep in their cribs. They went down without a peep. Katie even asked to go in her crib for a nap. As we left the room Kira commented to me how wonderfully that they had gone down and that it was so EASY! We started to gather our things and say our goodbyes to Marc when we heard a loud cry from Katie. Marc ran in and yelled for us to come......

Katie had climbed out of the crib and fallen to the ground. She was crying but I think it was more out of shock than anything. UGH!! We thought we had a couple of more months until we tackled the toddler bed as Katie has always been so happy and content in her crib and never made a motion to climb out before. Well, now Katie had broken out of our wonderful little baby prison. If she is anything like Justin was when he was a toddler she will find a million reasons to get out of bed and come knocking at our door at the ungodly hour that she wakes up in the AM.

As Marc and I were lamenting this bad turn of events we decided to lay her mattress on the floor for her nap and then convert her crib to a toddler bed before she went to bed tonight. We laid her down and got her settled and Kira and I again tried to leave. Oh no; not so fast!! Now Mr. Ethan cries out like a crazy man. We go running into the room thinking that Katie Starr is tormenting Mr. E through the rails of the crib, like she did in China when we had her in a toddler bed in the White Swan. What we found was far different. We found E jumping up and down laughing and babbling with no pants or diaper on; boyhood swinging in the wind.

Ahhhhhhhhhh! What is happening around here!!! Marc and I redress him and admonish him to keep his diaper and clothes on. He lays down with a mischievous grin on his little face. We leave the room and turn to my wonderful friend Kira and tell her - Thanks Alot!! You gave us a kina-hora by telling us how easy they are. What kind of freind are you anyway!!! LOL

So now as I type this our sweet little Starr is sleeping away in her newly converted toddler bed and our precious Ethan is sleeping in his crib with all of his clothing on...................................

At least we think that they are!

Kira and the Dynamic Duo

Katie Starr happy in her toddler bed


Steffie B. said...

Merry Christmas to you too! Hope it is a magical morning! ;)

Tammie said...

Oh no! I'm not ready for Katie Starr to be in a toddler bed! How could that happen!?

You must have a chat with Kira & remind her that saying such things is a bad omen. I mean, now you & Marc are going to miss out on sleep. Or maybe you'll have our problem where Katie Starr won't get off of her bed but will instead yell for you to come get her. Erin still does that & is now in a big girl bed.

BTW, the picture in my head of Ethan & his boyhood? Too funny. I can see him with that darling little grin on his face. Now I need a new picture!

Vivian M said...

LOL!!!! Time to put the baby gate up so they can't get out of the room (at least until they figure out how to open it or climb it).

Jane said...

The power of the kina hora - uuuurrrrggghhh...can't wait to see you all and kiss my sweet baby neice and nephew. and Justin to of course. Love you guys...just a few more hours.Missy Lil Sis

Shari McConahay said...

Hi Lori,

Just catching up with blogs after the holidays and glad to see that both Katie and Ethan are feeling better and looking good. Thanks for explaining "Kina-Hora". I always heard it growing up and had no idea what they were saying! Now I know! So, I will refrain from mentioning how great they both look! - oops {{{biting tongue!!}}}
= )
Hugs and Happy Holidays and Happy New Year too!