Thursday, January 31, 2008

It may be a loooooong night!

With her blanket
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Katie has a lovey that she sleeps with and she has had it since she came home from China. It is a small ladybug taggy blanket. (pictured here with Katie on our way to China 3 months ago). I purchased it from Tina at The Story of You for her and one for her friend Mia who we were waiting for at the time as well. Well, both Katie and Mia cannot sleep without their blankets. This is just a fact of life in our house. Recently, we have been able to convince her to sleep with a larger blanket in addition to the lovey as it no longer covers her completely. Let me tell you, convincing her to do this was quite a feat.

The blanket has traveled everywhere that we have and even was brought half way around the world and back when we adopted Ethan. We even go so far as to make notes and stick them on the door before a trip so as not to forget it. Listen, if you find a way to ensure that your child will sleep you will go to any length, well maybe almost any length, to make sure that nothing interferes with that. Actually Mia's mom, Shannon and I have tried to find a spare one just in case but have been unsuccessful.

Well, we have finally reached a fork in the road so to speak. This morning Marc decided to take the kiddos to Grandma and Grandpa's house on his way to work becuase I am sick (once again the kid crud got me) and could rest. He is such a doll. They were up there the whole day so of course he not only brought the blanket but also her pillow for her nap. I am sure you can see where this story is headed. He came home and within a few minutes his mom called to give him the bad news...that he FORGOT THE BLANKET and PILLOW...ARGH!!! He actually hit his forhead with his hand in self disgust..LOL. My in-laws live up in the next county so he cannot go back until tomorrow to get the blanket and pillow.

We are trying to be optomistic and look at this as an opportunity to wean her off of the blanket.

Sweet dreams everyone and I hope that we can give you report of our families sweet dreams tomorrow. Wish us luck.....

P.S. Marc just walked in and informed me that the babydoll that she sleeps with (we sent that to her in China in her care package and her foster family brought it to us on Katie Starr day) is also up there...double arg!!!!


eggrolls and chopsticks said...

I can't write the word I am thinking in the interest of censorship so EGAD's will have to do.

Sending you lots of luck my dear.
I cannot imagine for a second what Lily would do without the "bun".

Tammie said...

Oh no! I know how hard this is. Erin has been sleeping with a stuffed Torah my SIL gave her when we came home from China. I have a smaller "travel Torah" that my religious school director gave Erin. G-d help me if I forget one of those. At 5, Erin is well able to lecture me on the importance of Torah for her sleeping.

I hope all goes well for you guys.

Kathryn said...

Oh I feel for you!!!!! Hope everything went okay!!!

Vivian M said...

First of all, I hope you are feeling better.
And that Katie gets some sleep despite not having her pillow, lovey and baby doll.
We are very lucky that Kerri is not attached to one specific item, instead she has many to choose from and they can vary on a nightly basis. So far we have been lucky that way.
Good luck!

Beverly said...

Glenys' blanket is the same fleece ladybug and daisy pattern. I would like to get another just for in case. Her has been with her since Christmas 2005 roughly 6 months after gotcha. I havent' seen another like anywhere.