Friday, February 01, 2008

It was our issue; not hers :)

Last night was a breeze; much easier that we could have ever dreamed it to be.

We informed Katie Starr about an hour before bedtime that we had forgotten the blanket, pillow and baby doll at Grandma's house. She initially acted like it was no big deal; hardly batted an eyelash. Once bedtime came I thought the proverbial S*** was gonna hit the fan when she got into bed and asked us where everything was a "where is my blankey??" We reminded her where it was and she insisted that it was not at her grandparents house but it was instead in her dresser and looked at us like we were stupid not to have thought of that ourselves. We told her it was not there and she got up and rummaged through the drawers. We then explained to her that Daddy would pick it up tomorrow but for tonight she would use her Dora Blanket and Calliou doll that she loves a lot. She said that was fine and then unbeliveably she reached into the dresser and pulled out another soft pink blanket that she has always rejected in the past and said that this one was now her "new favorite" Huh?!? OK, whatever works! She then proceeded to lay down and went down with no problem and was fine all night.

Today, Marc went up to his mom and dad's and retreived all of Katie's things and when she saw them she was very happy. I decided to tempt fate and throw them in the washer right before bed to see if we could have a repeat performance of last night and she was fine with that. She is happily snoozing as we speak with her new fav blanket.

You would think that by now I would have learned a little something since I now have three children. Somehow I always forget that these milestones are usually scarier for the parents than for the children.

Thanks for reminding me again Katie....doh!!!!


Tammie said...

I sometimes think that we are more attached to the loveys than our children. Of course, Erin proves that theory wrong daily. She now won't go to sleep without her Hello Kitty blankie my friend Mich made.

Glad to hear that all went well with Katie Starr & the missing blankie.

Vivian M said...

Just when we think we know what to expect, our kids surprise us with their sudden maturity, knowledge and strength.
I learn so much from Kerri every day, especially not to take her for granted!

nikki said...

I SO feel you on this one!
Glad you were pleasantly surprised by Miss Katie's ability to "roll with it"!