Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Now you can see for yourself why I have changed the title of my blog

Since we have been home I have not taken even one picture of our whole family together. When we have all been together I simply have not thought about taking one. About 2 weeks ago I found two reasons why I needed to take one ASAP!

Reason 1 - Katie's preschool asked us for one so that they can post it on the door of the classroom for the children to see.

Reason 2 - We are attending our agency CNY celebration in Tampa and they show a slide show during lunch of the children then(at referral) and now along with a family picture.

OK, now I have a mission - I must get a picture and I need it NOW!

Obstacles to that mission:

Mom and Dad (That is me and Marc) are either shuttling Ethan to a therapy or music class or taking Katie to school as well as juggling work schedules with each other and assorted other errands or duties that have to be done - our schedule is truly ridiculous right now!

Ethan and Katie - They are either at one of the above activities or playgroup and if they are at home they never seem to be dressed for a picture or clean enough for one.

Justin - He is always at school and if he comes home before the kiddos go to bed then they are usually covered in food at dinner or in the bath or in their PJ's.

OK, I know it sounds truly ludicrous but that is really how life is right now.

So at 7:00 this morning as I was in the shower I remembered that I HAD to get that picture and I needed it by Friday which is the deadline for the CNY event. I knew that Marc would not be home for the rest of the week at the same time as Justin would be home....I got out of the shower and Marc had already gotten the kiddos up and had begun dressing them. I told him to jump in the shower while I finished dressing them as we were going to take this picture NOW before Justin left for school at 7:45 am.

Now comes the fun part ~

Where is the camera???

Are we gonna pull out the tripod or wing it with something else?

Who's gonna be the one to tell Justin? (He is not that pleasant in the morning..oy!)

Where the hell is the camera???

Marc: "Lori, are you ready?" As I am throwing on a shirt and brushing my hair at the same time!!

Justin: "What?!! We are gonna take a picture now?!?"

Lori: "Yes, we are; come sit down and take off that grungy sweat jacket!" Oh believe me Justin looked thrilled with that statement, took off his sweat jacket and threw it behind him dramatically to make his point. Of course you know I loved that...sheesh!!

Marc: "How do you set this timer again?" as he is squinting because he does not have his reading glasses on.

Lori: "Crap; let me look at that, I will do it!" I then proceed to try and cannot figure it out. "Marc, you messed up the settings!" Of course he did since I could not figure it out (smirk)

Tick Tick Tick, that is the minutes ticking away before Justin tells me to forget it and leaves for school.

Somehow Marc figures it out and then we sit trying to make the kids smile and laugh while the timer is blinking in front of us and we are all trying to look happy for the picture. I think the kids really were happy, Marc and I were both pulling it off if I do say so myself but Justin was not quite there.

Here is the final result of that mess. What do you think besides the fact that we should have our heads examined? Which one is the winner?

Please, please, please if you have any mercy please pick a winner and not a do over.

Take One (Oh no, they can see we have no shoes on! They will also see the stacking cups on the floor!)

Take Two (Lori is a LITTLE animated)
Take Three (Justin looks thrilled doesn't he? Lori seems to be praying here and where is the rest of the family?
Take Four (Getting there except E looking at Gabby the Chihuahua) Somehow Justin has the grungy sweat jacket back on again :(
Take Five (is this the winner?)


Angel said...

They're all adorable but 5 is the winner.

Oh, and welcome to my world of juggling. Now you know why you never see me anymore. :)

love ya,

Vivian M said...

Definately five is the winner, but I would keep them all!
Amazing you all can even smile that early in the morning...

Heather said...

Hee hee, that was a funny story Lori (although you're probably not laughing about it yet I needed a smile today)! Picture #5 looks great. I wish we could join you for the big CNY party. We'll be thinking of you.

shirpick said...

Hi Guys,
I'm in hysterics, and agree with
Heather, Vivian and Angel
5 is the one, but nix the red eye, picture is wonderful, I'll take
a 5X7.
Love you all!
Aunt Shirley

Steffie B. said...

I can so relate to the family picture nightmare! I think you have several that are good! Thank goodness for cropping! lol

Kelley said...

Classic story! Definitely #5, but the story behind that picture is the real treasure...gotta love it!

kira said...

I personally like #1 - the one with no shoes! lol. Kira

M3 said...

Either #5 (awesome) or the one with no shoes (classic!!). You guys get a standing o.

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

I love the one where Justin's face says..."BITE ME".

You are a yeck of alot better than me at 7.ooam. My hat's off to you.

Tammie said...

I love the pic with no shoes.