Saturday, February 16, 2008

First time alone with the Dynamic Duo

Marc was gone this past week on a business trip and it was my first time alone with the dynamic duo. It was a wonderful and absolutely, positively exhausting week. I think the thing that made it so exhausting is that when the two of them team up they are amazingly naughty. Every time I turn around they are either somewhere they are not supposed to be, such as balancing on the back of the couch like it is a balance beam or taking every DVD case out of the cabinet and then every disc out of each...oh that is so much fun to clean up! They have moments where they are fighting over toys like any normal two year olds and then are more and more huge blocks of time where they play happily with each other. That is so gratifying but I must say that by the end of each day that I am so bone weary that I could just moan out loud and I sometimes do.

There was one day where I put Katie into time out and Ethan happened to walk fairly close to her. She yelled at him "No Ethan, I am in time out first and you cannot go into time out!!" How funny is that?!

Valentines day was lots of fun as they really got into it. Grandma and some friends sent them Valentines in the mail and Nana brought them Candy and presents. I brought them candy as well and boy were they all about that candy; Ethan especially!! That evening we made Daddy homemade valentines for when her got home and they really got into that.

Marc was supposed to be coming home on the Red Eye from Vegas Friday am. At 2:45 am I received a phone call from him saying "Lori, I am not coming home." I was so fuzzy brained from being woken up at that time of night that I thought he meant he was never coming home and I started freaking out... He meant that he was bumped from the flight but I was busy having a panic attack at the thought that he was leaving me to be a single mother to two 2 years olds!! Now, for all of you that know Marc you are laughing at me right now because the thought of him staying in Vegas and never coming home is totally ludicrous but I was in an exhausted state and this is what I thought..LOL. Anyway, he proceeded to talk me off the cliff while I gathered my wits about me and then he told me that he was trying to make arrangements to come home the following day. That did not sit well with me either as I had two kids who thought they would see him in the morning and I now had one more day on my own...groan!! My poor hubby was sent by USAirways to a dive of a hotel to sleep for a few hours and then he had to board a flight with connections (the original was non stop). He would be leaving at 7:30 am and would not arrive home till 10:00 pm. They had overbooked the flight and gave him no reason for bumping him. Needless to say he was not a happy camper and they have not heard the last of him.

When we woke up this morning and went into the kids room to get them I peeked in while Marc was behind me and said to them "I have a surprise for you, can you guess what it is?" Katie yells out "It's Valentine's Day again!!" This kid is too funny :) "No, Katie, it is better than that....DADDY is HOME!!" Marc came out from behind me and they both started screaming with happiness. The rest of the day was pure bliss; it was sooooo good to have him home.

Now we are back playing man on man defense. The playing field is level again :)

A special thank you to Justin who offered me adult conversation and helped me at bath time as I have a bad back and Marc usually bathes them.

The following are a couple of pictures of Katie at a birthday party at a gym that she attended today. I actually deleted the best one by accident :( My dare devil of a daughter had a blast and here you will see her bouncing, sliding and the final picture is her being put on a trapeze bar and sailing across the room.


Tammie said...

You had me ROFLMFAO! Just the thought of you being woken up at 2:30 am was funny considering you get as much sleep as I do. I can just imagine the pure shock running through you as you hear Marc say "I'm not coming home. . . "

The man is so devoted to all of you that I can't begin to imagine him even thinking that way. I'm gad to hear that Justin was such a help to you while Marc was away. those bad backs are horrible to deal with.

Can't wait to see you all at the party tomorrow! Erin is super excited to be seeing her S FL friends up here.

Vivian M said...

Awwww, I just could not picture him ever leaving you or the really must have been super exhausted!
Justin is wonderful to help you! Have a wonderful trip and hope you have a lot of fun (give Tammie and Erin a big hug from Kerri). And don't you all ever forget you have friends in the snowy North that miss you!
Squishes all around!

Tamara said...

I think that the thought of being a single mom to two two year olds is enough to send anyone into a panic attack. Can't imangine it happening to you.
That story is to funny-
Glad that he is home safe!
Love the pictures of Katie.

tumbleintodreams said...

Ah..... As our lives continue to parallel, my Mark is doing a show all week. Although he'll be home to sleep, his hours are 8am to 10pm. There is a good chance he won't see the kids all week. I'm flying solo an dhope I do as good a job as you did! Love ya, sherri