Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Outta the mouth of one of my babes

Coversation that took place this morning as I was getting the kiddos dressed for the day:

Katie: "Mommy, what are we doing today?"

Me: " Nana is coming over this morning to play with you while I take Ethan to his speech school and then we will go out to lunch.'"

Katie: "What is speech school?"

Me: "That is the school that Ethan goes to so he can learn how to speak as good as you do."

Katie: "Oh, I see, thats good mommy! I want to talk to Ethan!"

Me: "What will you talk to him about when he can talk back to you?"

Katie: "I will talk to Ethan about feelings and Sesame Street"

Feelings and Sesame Street!!! I could hardly keep my composure after that one. MY girl is too funny and obviously of the female persuasion being that she is going to talk to Ethan about her feelings. I am also quite sure that once he can begin putting sentences together he will NOT be talking about his feelings. He might want to talk about Elma though :)


Vivian M said...

Maybe she is a future therapist or psychologist?
Very cute....

Tammie said...

You are in so much trouble! I see lots of complaining in the future.

Katie Starr: Mom, Ethan won't talk to me.

Ethan: Mom, Katie Starr won't stop talking to me.

This is going to be so much fun!

Just let Katie Starr know that Erin will always talk to her.

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

LMAO. Thanks for one last chuckle as I head over the deep end.

Thank you for the sweet card. We will be in touch.


kira said...

and now we see why Mr. E isn't in a hurry to start speaking. Maybe he can, but just pretends he doesn't to avoid all that talk about "feelings" that awaits him. lol.

Beverly said...

2 very important things in life.


M3 said...

Ha!! That just kills me. Love it.